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Please Critique My Diet

Hey guys I’d really appreciate if you could have a look at my current diet. Im 215 lbs just under 15% body fat/ Just came off a cutting cycle with tremendous results (down from 22% body fat and 252 lbs and retained a lot of muscle.

Now that cutting is over I’ve moved from 2000 calories a day to maintenance level and with a view to leading into my bulking period in mid July. This is the diet which is just under 3500 cals a day. (I think this is my maintenance level because my weight and body fat seem to be constant at this amount:

Breakfast Calories

6 white/2 whole eggs 220
2 slices turkey bacon 100
Mushrooms 5
Onions 5

2 bowls Oats 312
200 mls skim milk 100

Snack 10.30

Protein Bar 320

Lunch 1.30

Mushrooms 7
Onions 10
Mixed Salad 33
Kidney Beans 65
Tuna 260

Salad Dressing
_2 tbsp Olive Oil 238
_1 tbsp BBQ Sauce 28
_2 tbsp Cider Vinegar 4
_1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar 20

Snack 4.30

Tuna with Cottage Cheese 405

Snack Before Training

Protein Shake 120

Snack After Training

Protein Shake 240
Cereal Bar 130


Cod/Salmon/Steak 285
Green Veg 236

Snack before bed

Cottage Cheese 275

I’d really appreciate anyones input.


Looks pretty solid. Maybe switch the PWO cereal bar out for something with faster acting carbs.

cool thanks. bump.

Looks pretty good, but i would consider a couple things:

  1. Fruit. I might’ve missed it but i don’t see any.
    I would consider adding a 3-5 pieces of fruit throughout the day.

  2. I always tell people if they are truly bulking, then most of their meals should contain at least one of the following things: Cup of Rice, Cup of Pasta, Sweet Potato, White Potato, Oatmeal.

And of course try to keep your diet pretty consistent daily and then monitor your progress every 2 weeks.

See if your gaining in the right places, getting stronger, yadda yadda.

Yeah Im looking to add to it. This is simply maintenance level and obviously Ill have to push the good cals up a bit for the weight gain. I tend to stay away from fruit because of the sugar content but will be adding bannanas to my PWO shakes.