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Please Critique my diet


Cy did a damn good job in the Get Big article/diet of going against the grain and doing what the T-Man is supposed to do. The plan that Cy-Borg ripped out will actually work well for many a skinny bastard. However, so will the plans that JB and myself purport. The latter just takes more effort and discipline.

Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, etc. are all real nice choices. I actually buy the frozen bags of mixed berries (i.e. no added sugar) and use them as you get a good plethora of berries.

Also, if you feel you train better have a P/C meal as your first of the day, then by all means keep it. I used to, so it’s not always necessary–particularly when adding muscle mass is the concentration–to eat P/F as the pre-training meal when it’s the first.

That said, I think you can get carbs up in the 350-400 range with your first four meals being carbs: Meal 1 (100g), Meal 2 (liquid, 50g), Meal 3 (150g), Meal 4 (100g). Get your protein up to 300g (about 250g being complete) and the rest is fat. It works out to be 40/30/30 carbs/pro/fat.