Please Critique my diet

Hi folks,
I’m trying to get up to 4000 cals, and finding it a bit tough with the lack of chips, pop, and anything from McD’s heheeh. Ok, it’s not that bad, I’m under by a little more than 100 cals, but I’ll figure out a way to do get it in. I’m 5’10", 177 lbs (after a short diet), ~7-8% bf. Any comments/suggestions?

Following values listed as Cal/F/P/C

1 apple
1 egg
150 mL egg whites
1/4 cup raisins
1/2 cup oatmeal
Subtotal 562/11.2/30.4/80.8

Workout 7-8am

8am (post-workout)
1 1/2 cup Orange Juice
Cottage Cheese
1 scoop protein
Breakfast Muesli
Subtotal 529/4.8/38.2/77.7

2 slices whole wheat toast
1 scoop protein
100 mL egg whites
Subtotal 379/2.9/31.8/50.4

2 Chicken legs (skinless)
2 cups veggies
Avocado Salad
Subtotal 438/26.6/30.8/11.5

1 Tbsp Flax oil
1/2 Avocado
Tuna and ultra light miracle whip Subtotal 421/33.5/27.2/5.3

Salmon patties 633/48.2/41.9/6.9

2 Tbsp Flax oil
1 oz. Almonds
Subtotal 595/45.8/36.5/7.2

Cottage Cheese
2 Tbsp PB
Subtotal 280/16.3/23/12.7

Total 3837/189.3/259.8/252.5

The times of the meals can only be shifted within 1/2 hr. (I’ve got to sneak them in while in between experiments). I’ve just started King’s Limping, and Super Strength routines, and am looking to maximize my gains while on my limited budget (I can’t afford supplements other than food/protein).


Looks like you’ve got it dialed in pretty good. I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you stumble upon some extra cash one of these days I suggest you invest in some MAG-10 if you’re looking to increase size and strength. With that diet, MAG-10, and Ian King training methods you’d make some pretty solid gains.

my brain just exploded.

read “massive eating” if you havent already.

Complete overkill.

Make sure you dont force too hard while you’re taking a shit. The extra energy spent is liable to throw off the decimalized macro breakdown.

ND, those caloric needs are exactly what I fought for everyday. I only weigh 160lbs though and had a tough time fitting it all in, i always felt bloated and stuffed. Anyways, your log looks quite good. Not bad at all. Here is an example of mine if it helps:

Meal 1
1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup blueberries
1 cup Uncle Sam Flax meal
1 cup skim milk
2 scoops protein powder

Meal 2
2 scoops whey conc./hydro
1/2 cup cottage cheese

Meal 3
8 eggs, 4 whites
1 tbsp fish oil
1/2 cup cheese

Meal 4
1 serving “muscle milk”
1 scoop whey protein
2 tbsp peanut butter “natty”

WORKOUT (40g malto, 20g hydro)
POST WORKOUT (2 promax bars)

Meal 5
1 can YAMS
1 chicken breast
1/2 cup fat free cheese
2 cups broccolii

Meal 6
4 slices whole grain bread
1 chicken breast
2 slices fat free cheese
1 cup green beans

1 chicken breast
1 cup fat free cheese
2 cups broccolii

Meal 8
1 cup cottage cheese
1 scoop whey protein
2 tbsp natty pb
1 tbsp almond oil

This was a typical day when I had no interferences. Hope this helps in giving you ideas.

Da Boxer

p.s. the forum is still malfunctioning!

Goldberg, lemme tell ya… happens every time I see a post like this. Getting hard to find the pieces over and again.


bro, post workout: sort it out!
Sorry to sound agro but the “I dont have enough money for supplements” dosen’t cut it with me. I have been a student since 97 (yep im that dumb) so i know the deal too. bite the bullet, work an extra couple of hours per week, if you are eating clean you cant go out and drink piss on a fri/sat nite so work it and make some easy cash!
Glucose is a couple of bucks a kg. take it after you workout. Take whey str8 after your workout too. I know you have listed protein powder in the Post WO meals but it cant be much (the scoops i use provide about 10g per scoop). OK take a WPC instead HWPI that will save you a couple of bucks and will give favourable results.

Anyway the rest looks sweet, maybe try to bump up the post WO and 10am meal carb content to closer to 100g

Whetu: I’m gonna go look for some glucose (I think that’s a great idea!). But I wish the world were as simple as “go work a couple extra hours”. Firstly, I’m a grad student, and am not allowed to work outside my lab (nor do I have time too…8:30-9am until 8:30pm or later is enough…that’s why I wake up at 5:30am to be at the gym by 7am).
Secondly, I don’t go out Fri/Sat Period! I maybe have 1 drink once a month or two (and that’s probably an underestimation). And I don’t think the $4 is what’s stopping me from buying supplements. (But Mag-10 is $278 USD…and I can’t pay for it!) I already pay for all the food I listed.

My whey powder is 30g/serving, but I’ll probably start taking 1.5 servings now.

Buddy, MAG-10 isn’t $278 USD. You need to look harder at the info surrouding the price from now on. $278 is probably for the MAG-10 Plan For Success which includes like 2 bottles of MAG-10 and a couple more bottles of Tribex and M. MAG-10 is $100 a bottle. Save an extra $10 a week.

Hey Chief,

If you’re not downing a during or post-training liquid meal, then you’re not optimizing your growth and recovery.

That being said, I’d change around a few things as far as meal timing and food combos, but I’ll save those comments.

Your largest meal of the day should, without a doubt, be the meal that follows, or is (in your case), the post-workout meal. I would crank up the meusli content or add a banana.

I agree with Timbo (im such a kiss ass…haha). First off…it is imperative that you get some sort of mid/post workout drink in there. Ditto on the idea to up your cals/carbs with your first P+C meal post training also! Personally, I am tend to get in 1.5-2.0 g of CHO per/kg of lbm…yams, green peas, apple/orange, fiber cereal, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc are great choices. All in all…you are def “dialed in”. Great job.

Not allowed to work, now that sucks! im uni 36 hours and work 38hrs. god knows why i send time reading this! hahaha,
wish i could get paid to train… now that would kik ass
dont worry about the mag10 for the mo get some stardard issue creatine a basic multi and you are sorted.
that like, less than 2 buck a week!

~Now, I’m a material boy… There’s nothing in this world I don’t think I need… duh duh duh da da duh…~


Let’s do like the old-school MC Hammer and Turn this Mutha Out! Here are some of my own suggestions and how I would structure your diet:

Meal 1 (Pre-training): (P/F) 6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1 cup veggies, olive oil and flax oil (1 tsp ea)

Meal 2 (Post-Training): (P/C) Whey isolate with maltodextrin (25g and 50g, respectively)

Meal 3 (Post-Training 2): (P/C) 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 scoop protein powder, banana, meusli (get 100-150g of carbs)

Meal 4 and on: Protein and fat meals. Use protein powder, lean red meats, salmon, chicken or turkey breast, egg whites, whole eggs for protein. Use flax, olive, and fish oils, mixed nuts and natural nut butters.

Get rid of: orange juice, raisins, and miracle whip.

Let me know if you have any more questions! I’m trying to emphasize the fact that post-training is your optimal time for cranking up the carbs and recovering your lost glycogen and maximizing muscle protein balance.

Let me know if you have any Qs, bruh?

Timbo (or anyone else) I have 2 questions for the time being.

  1. Why get rid of the raisins? Don’t they contain a lot of anti-oxidants? And since it’s being ingested for breakfast shouldn’t I be able to easily handle the carbs?

  2. I’m a bit confused with the orange juice as well. OJ should contain fructose which restores liver glycogen instead of muscle glycogen (I know we want the latter). Why then is it present as part of the post-workout meal in the “Get Big Diet” (or something of the sort (NOT eating massive))? In fact I believe raisins are in that diet (and some others on T-mag) as well.

I was going to dump the OJ as soon as I find dextrose or maltodextrin, but am still curious about it’s place in anyone’s diet. Thanks.

  1. Berries are an excellent source of anti-oxidants as well. Contrary to raisins, they have a high fiber and water content. I would suggest that at least a cup of berries would be equivalent (in energy) to a small serving of raisins (1/4 cup).

  2. The only OJ that you should even consider is the freshly squeeze variety. Anything else (i.e. store bought) has gone through processing, which both strips away the fiber and adds sugar. If you know we want muscle glycogen resynthesis preferable to liver glycogen resysnthesis, and you know that fructose is a contributor to the latter, then I don’t see your argument!

I’m not nearly as fond of the Get Big Diet as any of JB’s principles and dietary schemes. Learn to eat properly at a young age, and you’ll be more succesful and healthy with your lifestyle in your future.

By the numbers you listed, I’m coming up with a macro ratio of 45% fat / 28% protein / 27% carbs. Am I reading that right? (Just asking since that seems like a TON of fat calories to be taking in during a bulking phase… even though you’re being good at seperating P+C and P+F meals).

Leapin’ Lizards! How do you have time to do anything other than counting PFC grams, eating or preparing food to eat?

Tyler: Your numbers are right. I was a bit concerned about that myself. Although, I do believe a good portion of my fats are Omega-3 and monosaturated. If I up my carbs closer to 100g in my first three meals, and use these cals to replace some of the cals from fats, that will give me a macro split of roughly 35% fat/28% Protein/37% carbs. Is that better?

Timbo: Will any type of berry do? Or is there any one’s you especially suggest?
Also, I agree I don’t like many of the Get Big principles. It doesn’t separate P+C and P+F meals very well (or at all). That was a big shocker. (Btw, I wasn’t arguing the dumping the OJ…I was wondering why it was in a T-mag article if it’s known not to be all that good.)

AvoidsRoids: I don’t! hehe. I spent 2 hours / night cooking meals for the following day. Get this…I’m a grad student!