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Please Critique My Diet!


I am a 6'2" 245lb man with 20% bodyfat. I have come up with the following diet to lose bodyfat. Any pointers or feedback would be appreciated.

Meal 1
5 whole eggs
1 can of tuna

Meal 2
50g protein powder
10 fish oil

Meal 3
chicken breast
25g almonds

Meal 4
50g protein powder
10 fish oil

Meal 5
chicken breast
25g almonds

Meal 6
5 whole eggs
can of tuna

I look forward to hearing from ou guys soon!


Where are the carbohydrate and vegetables?
Without carbohydrate you cann't lose fat and you can't stimulate protein synthesis
furthermore, if everyday is the same diet you become poor in other nutrients.


no... you are completely wrong


it would make it a lot easier for people to help if you gave us more info

total calories
protein (grams)
fats (grams)

we can only guess how many cals/protein/fat are in YOUR chicken breast, tuna and protein.....


Could you explain why I'm wrong? thanks


I do eat green veggies (broccolli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach) with some meals but otherwise no carbs per se. You dont need carbs for fat loss and being carb sensitive then low carb dieting is the way forward for me. And as my meals are all protein/fat meals then you shouldnt add carbs to them. According to my calculations i am getting around 330-340 grams protein per day and approx 90 grams of fat. Carbs i keep to under 50g per day. Any more info needed??


I could write a lot about this issue but of course I say only two little princes. First of all, your brain needs carbohydrates, but also all your body needs carbohydrates for too many reasons, for example, all metabolic processes using carbohydrate as enzymes, nutrients cofactor, second messengers, hormone activators, etc. (eg such as protein synthesis, the citric acid cycle, beta oxidation ecc.) and with a low-carbohydrate diet most of the processes will be blocked.

Furthermore,there is also a risk to a genetic mutation, and predisposition to various diseases, but obviously you don't realize it now, but when you start to age. Today there are few people who avoid carbohydrate, and the few that still insist on avoid them is only because of the lack of medical information, nutrition, biochemistry and so on.

Exercise and nutrition are not bodybuilding magazines where anyone can write. If you want some advise, begins to read some Jeukendrup's studies and some good books of biochemistry, and you'll understand the important of carbohydrate in your diet.
However, I don't say that your diet is too bad, but I think it would be much more efficient for you increase carbohydrates and decrease some grams of proteins, and I'm sure that the performance will increase and body fat rate will reduce, and also you'll feel better and your diet will be more healty.


Don't listen to num nuts above.

Go to the Anabolic Diet thread and read. You fat is way low and what you are doing lacks knowledge.

Don't post, read.


if you can, find 1 scientific work that supports what you say.. I mean "serious work"


can you give me the name of an essential carbohydrate? no

ok now can you give me the name of an essential amino acid or an essential fatty acid? yes

the body does not NEED carbs to survive

periodically though, say once a week, you should have a carb load to restore muscle glycogen and aid in hormonal processes (thyroid and testosterone in our cases)


there are hundreds


protein is too high and fat is too low


Mauro diPasquale

Even Atkins understood this

Research done since the '20's on epilepsie.

Look up Ketogenic diet

A mind is like a parachute, it needs to be open to work.


First, you should eat carbohydrate in order to "avoid" the ketogenesis
Second, do you think that a bodybuilder with four o five workouts per week, need once week the restore of glycogen?
Sorry, but there is a big misunderstanding among you..

Ps. The essential carbohydrate's name, is Glucose. The glucogenic aminoacids can produce glucose, but this process involves loss of muscles, and a very high production of ketones, and acidosis results because of accumulation of acetoacetic and B-hydroxybutyric acids. Instead, the ingestion of glucose prevent or abolishes ketosis. And when I say yes to the carbohydrate, I don't mean a lot of carbohydrate, but the minimum necessary in order to avoid this condition and in order to give to muscles a good dose of fuel. (depend both on your physical condition and activity e.g. 80-100 g daily).

Yes, I agree, you can use no-carbohydrate diet either before a contest in order to enhance the muscle definition, (because of water loss contained in carbohydrate for example), or sometime during the year, in order to give some stress to your metabolism, but it is just for short time, not for long periods.


when I was fourteen I thought like you because of a lot of bodybuilding magazines, when I started the University in sport nutrition and general nutrition, I opened my mind.


you clearly have not. im not wasting any more time with this.


No you didn't. Your mind is closed to a concept almost 100 years old.

I learned from my aunt about the anabolic diet. Her daughter ( my cousin) is eepileptic. Didn't try it until my 30's though. Stayed on it for 18 months. Being a pastry chef put a stop to it. For obvious reasons.

I gave you your scientific quotes. Good luck in life thinking only you have the answer.


I'm sorry for your cousin, my cousin (the doughter of my mother's sister) is epileptic too.
I didn't understand your point.