Please Critique My Diet!

I’d really like to hear some thoughts/tips on my diet. 5’ 7", 175lbs… not sure of Bf % (stupid digital Fattrack calipers say I’m 4.5% which is ridiculously low)… to give you an idea: I have no love handles, but no vascularity either. No vein running down my bicep (I see this on a lot of guys at the gym), no split down the middle of my pecs, and I can see the outline of my abs but not the actual muscle(s). So this maybe gives you an idea where I’m at BF-wise. Anyway, I’m I’ve been dieting since about Feb 1st… my daily routine looks like this: Meal 1: Low-carb Lean body shake w/ two tablespoons of natural peanut butter; Meal 2: One and half to two grilled chicken breasts, salad with peppers, and an apple; Meal 3: Low-carb Lean Body shake with one tablespoon of Flax Oil; Meal 4 (post-workout) bowl of cereal with raisins and skim milk, low carb Lean Body shake; Meal 5: Low carb Lean Body shake with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter. I think I’m getting plenty of protein as well as healthy fats. I get most of my carbs post-work out, when they help with the insulin blast. I also take the old T2 2capsx3, MD6 2caps x3, lots of fiber caps, Vitamin C, and right now 70spraysx 2 of Finasol a day. Workouts are one body part per day, 12-15 sets or so, with 30 or more minutes of cardio post workout. Now, the problem is, I seem to have bottomed out at 175 and the fat has stopped coming off. I feel like I’m doing everything possible already to lose more, but my body refuses to give it up it seems. Am i getting too few calories, too many calories? I don’t know what to change at this point. Thanks for your help guys!

We need more info. What are you doing training wise?

Dieting sux doesn’t in Doug. Two things I can think of right off the bat that would jump start your routine are 1- Try working out two body parts a day such as chest/bis, back/tris, Quad dominant, pressing movements, hip dominant adding calves and abs a couple of times a week. Sounds as if your body has adjusted to your current routine. 2- Try doing your cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning . 20 minutes of interval sprinting, jump rope or hitting a heavy bag are my faves. You might want to incorporate some supersetting into your routine also. I,m not sure about this, but is there a chance you may be overtraining? Give your self a little break a jump start the whole process after a few days. I know last year while cutting up for a contest I severely overtrained and after i reviewed my training and lack of recovery I understood my pitiful 4th pl. showing. Recovery is essential particularly with natural bodybuilders. I’m sure you already knew this but sometimes it never hurts to be reminded. You have a nice supps routine. One thing ,though I would definantly add Surge to my arsenal. Great stuff. Also cut out some of the MRPS and replace them with real food. By your estimations of your body I would say you are somewher between 10-12% bf. Thats it and good luck.

Maybe you aren’t using the fat calipers correctly… what are your 3-point values and your waist size?

I don’t believe in eating past 7PM when I’m preparing for a show (and when just attempting to get leaner). Plus since my bedtime is usually 10-11PM, there’s no need to. AND I usually eat the brunt of my calories earlier in the day, anyways. Maybe some of the more knowledgable people here (about diet) will have a differing opinion about this. But if I find that I’m at a “standstill” to getting lean, I just look at my “feeding times”. And adjust.

And it looks to me you've been consuming a low calorie intake for awhile. That could also be the problem. Do you have an idea of the amount of calories you're ingesting per day? But I agree w/Ko, what are you doing in your weight training? And don't use vascularity as a way to gauge leanness. Some people are naturally more vascular than others. The veins in both of my biceps are visible - and they can be there even at 16% BF.