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Please Critique My Diet/Plan


i've been stuck at 195 and 20% for the past six weeks and am frustrated.

i'm 6'4 and vegetarian. i've been eating super clean and following abbh ii perfectly and have been mixing in gpp. i'm getting 8hrs of sleep a night also.

my goal is to lean out to 12% or so before i start bulking again, but i haven't made any progress in over a month. i also weigh myself every monday morning on a tanita
(pls no bf scale comments)

i've already reduced my kcal intake but think reducing it any further would be too severe - its already pretty low. i've been eating 2,500 kcals on training day and 2,000 on non-training days

please critique my diet and please give any comments to diet or program. (link below)




I'm far from an expert so I'll keep my ideas to myself but will say that a good critique will be difficult with out more information for example:

What is your macronutrient breakdown, do you seperate Protein + Fat meals from Protein+Carb meals? As a vegitarian where do you get your protien from. The more detail you can give, the easier it is to form an opinion.


thanks for the response, perhaps the link was messed up (i think i fixed it now), but here is the link to my diet


you will see at the bottom i show my macro breakdowns, serving of fruits and veggies, total kcals and how big each meal is (% of kcal per day). the theory being that meals should taper down throught the day except for PWO.


I'd suggest that you increase your kcal intake for a couple weeks, perhaps keeping it higher than it presently is when you resume a calorie restricted diet.

You are hardly eating anything for a guy your size, how long has your caloric intake been this low? If it has been like this or close thereto for the past six weeks it is likely that your metabolism has slowed down big time. I would venture to guess that your caloric intake has been very low since long before six weeks ago if you have seen very little change in this period of time.

There is, of course, the option of stimulants in the event that you are not presently using any.

You could also attempt to shift the macronutrient profile of your daily intake if you feel some benefit could come of this.


thanks paul

my goal is to lean down my bf% before i start adding weight again

i suppose you COULD theoretically increase Kcals and still shed bodyfat by actually kickstarting the metabolism.

have you heard of/experienced this?

i'm also taking HOT-ROX


I went from 315+ (15 lbs past the 300lbs limit of my scale at home) and god only knows how much body fat in 10/04 to 250 and 20% bf in 1/06, down another 10 lbs to date. I found that after about six months of continuous weight loss I plateaued, since then I've been zig-zaging my caloric intake and shedding more bf while building some lbm along the way. It's what I've found to work best for myself with trial and error. What works best for you will take a little time and a little luck to find. If you are to up your caloric intake I would suggest that you only do so in smaller increments, like 500 kcal, in the event that it does not work so well for you.

How's the HOT-ROX working for you? I should finish paying off the student loans in about a month here so I'll finally have some cash to drop on supplements and figure that as someone comming from more or less the same place as me your input would be fairly transferable.


dude, you don't eat much, and that's probably your problem.

jack that total kcals up with another meal or two. You should be eating every two hours. Which shouldn't be a problem given that you already eat fairly regularly.

6-8 meals a day, eating every two hours. This will probably take your total calorie intake above 3000 kcals, but as long as you're not eating a lot of starchy/high I.I. carbs throughout the day, you should be able to melt off fat.

Good luck.

Obligatory question: why don't you eat meat?



thanks for the input, maybe i'll try upping 250 or so to be at 2,250 on non-training and 2,750 on training and go from there.

also, with respect to HOT-ROX: i feel it is so difficult to accurately gauge results of supplements b/c you have to have a perfectly controlled experiment to truly quantify.

i just try to incorporate the "best thinking" from the gurus on the board and take HOT-ROX and Alpha Male.

i recently quit Alpha Male b/c it made me break out a bit + plus i need to cycle off of it any for a couple weeks - thanks.


thanks stallion:

first off, i don't eat meat b/c it's for religious reasons (i'm a hindu). i've often thought it would be so much easier if i could eat chicken and fish - but i gotta stick to my principles. even flameout is technically pushing it.

maybe i'll try upping 250, from 2,000/2,500 to 2,250/2,750

as far as carbs are concerned, i limit them to first two meals of day or PWO.



paul - thanks - i had written you a response and for some reason it didn't go through.

anway, i will try to up my kcals, perhaps 250 per day to start out so that i'm zigzagging during the week 2,250/2,750 in a kind of carb cycling fashion. hopefully this will allow me to melt off fat too.

HOT-ROX is good, but truthfully it is very difficult to gauge the true effectiveness of a supplement without an absolutely scientific controlled experiment.

i would save money for fish oil or zma or more grow, but if you a few bucks all the people on the board can't be wrong.

thanks for the response.


Let me get this straight, you aren't eating anything for two and a half hours after you wake up? Breakfast is good, eat breakfast.


i agree with this. increasing your body's metabolism (intake/expenditure) will help add LBM, which will in turn, shed more bodyfat.


While I was trying to lose fat I hit a few stall points that got me pretty frustrated. Two things seemed to have been "the fix". One was doubling the daily dose of Fish Oil (check out the new Flameout available here). The other was I starting adding 2 refeed days a week where I'd up my calories quite a bit. This was like a magic formula that kept the weight loss pretty steady and allowed me some "big eating" along the way.

For me it worked out to be 2600 cals per day Sunday through Thursday, then I'd pump it to 3000 on Friday and 3500 on Saturday. Occasionally I'd eat out on Saturdays and have pizza or some other kind of cheat, other than that I ate super clean.

I also tried to get one of those refeed days to be a surplus day, where I'd actually eat more than I was burning even after factoring in workouts. (I checked my log and only had 2 surplus days from Jan 1- Feb20, when I stopped cutting.... oh well)

Good luck. I hope you find your "fix".


dark - thx for the response.

i figure if i get up and pop my HOT-ROX and coffee, it will prevent any catabolism of muscle until 930.

i know it sounds wierd, but every morning i feel stuffed from the prior nights pwo meal. i can't get super hungry until i dump the next morning, lol.

anyone else have this problem?


tiger - thanks for the response.

first off, i have just started flameout and have been on it for about a week. doubling the dosage, from what i've read, seems to have diminishing returns and is costlier. but if it worked for you, i'm not disputing that. do you have any theory of why that helped?

as far as "cheat" days, interesting theory. i've certainly heard it before, but i thought that by eating different amounts on training/non-training days, i would effectively zig zag day to day, acheiving the same effect (which is to keep my metabolism "guessing" and fired up). you seemed to eat the same # of cals (2,600) every weekday. did you not vary this for training/not training?


I was taking 4 capsules of NOW fish oil (before Flameout was around) and I upped that to 9 pills a day. At the same time I started using 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day. For me those 260 extra cals were difficult to justify at first, but I was suffering from joint pains. I remember somewhere on this site reading that omega 3's aid in weight loss and I'm a believer.

I tried to stick to 2600 cals or less on weekdays, but allowed some for my training. I'd usually try to get in about a 1/4-1/3 of my workout cals during or right after. I averaged 2 hours a day of weights/cardio or tennis so there were times I really needed more cals. A day when I played 2 hours of singles tennis and then a 2 hour doubles match, you can believe I was eating more than 2600 cals.