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Please Critique My Deadlift


Yesterday was the first time I've deadlifted in a while. I was wondering if my form was wrong. I know I have some back rounding, but I was wondering if what I was doing was in the acceptable range since that was over 90% of my max. If you guys could tell me whats wrong and what I could do to correct it, I'd appreciate it.


You're pulling with the bar about an inch away from your shins even on the ascent, I think changing that would go a long ways.

Good pull!


I would like to see you drop your hips a bit more and try to recruit your glutes in the movement. See if that helps at all.

also, the speed-seated-calf-raises are mostly using the elasticity of the Achilles tendon there.. if you do slow and controlled reps, you'll see more growth and hit the muscles harder.


ditto but your form is 10x better than that guy in the background! LOL



It almost looks like a romanian deadlift. Dropping your hips will also take the emphasis off your lower back.


I would say instead of dropping the hips, pull your shoulders back. Just doing that actually will drop your hips. With your shoulders rounded forward, you are already starting to round your spine and you can't get "tight" because you have already lost the tightness in your upper back.