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Please Critique My Deadlift Form


I would appreciate any help with my form. Thank you.


I think the form is very good
Just one thing, when you drop the bar, you don't need to slide it on your legs
you can just bend over with your legs semi-stiff and do a controlled drop of the bar


Thanks CyberDen I Appreciate the feedback.




I don't see anything wrong. Nice lift.


If that was a true 1 rep max, that was very good form, especially for conventional. Couldn't tell...how much was that?



Actually, this was not my 1rm. I did this same weight (410lbs) for a set of 4 right before the clip (which was what I wanted my cousin to end up recording) but sadly he accidently "locked" my phone so he couldnt record my 4 rep set. So I ended up pulling that single immediately after my set of 4 to get a video up.


Gotcha; still, 4 rep max is heavy enough weight to see if you've got any glaring deficiencies, I still say you probably have nothing to be too worried about.


Okay, thanks for the feedback!


Your back looks good.

If you watch the path of the bar though, it looks like it's coming forward a little after liftoff and then back. You could either try to push your ass back farther, which might help the bar going straight up, or start with the bar an inch or two father away from your shins.

The bar touching the shins at the start is not always the best position for everyone.

EDIT - Note I am being super nit-picky here - you may not be interested in this level of analysis.


Yes! I'm glad you noticed that. I'll take your advice and try both dropping the hips and moving off the bar to see which would improve the bar path. Thanks for your advice!