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Please Critique My Daily Food Intake


hello everyone

I am a 23 year old male, 5'10, 186 pounds. i am doing a 4 day split and my main goal is to put on muscle and size. last monday was my first time back to the gym in 2 years ( previously i had gone for 2 years straight without missing a single day and was able to have quite good success and put on some very decent size) so im not a complete newbie as i have experience in the gym and a fair amount of knowledge on weighlifting. anyways thats just a bit of history so you now know my goals and where i stand. i keep a very accurate and detailed food log as well which i find very helpful. on a final note i drink 3-5 litres of water daily as well.

720am protein shake (1 scoop whey, water)

755am wholewheat pita bread with peanut butter
1% milk
fat free yougurt
fish oil pill

1157am protein shake (1 scoop whey, water)

120pm protein shake (1 scoop whey,1 scoop casein, water)
white bread peanut butter sandwich

220pm wholegrain bagel with turkey breast and cheese
baby spinach salad with fat free french dressing

509pm fettuccini pasta with boneles skinless chicken breast

836pm 3 whole eggs scrambled
can of tuna

1100pm protein shake (1 scoop casein, water)

i roughly eat on the same schedule and mostly the same foods above daily, and after my first week of the gym which started last monday i have already gained 6 pounds. also if someone could give me a rough estimate of calories i consumed on this day it would be appreciated, im trying to eat between 4 and 5 thousand calories a day.

thanks for your input and advice !


im lazy too

whats your break down?

Low fat anything usally means very high sugar. Ditch it.


Why the very exact timings, i.e. 836?

The 755 meal looks low-ish protein if that bothers you.

If you want a calorie breakdown log the foods yourself, fitday is free.


the times are just when i eat the meal, i dont plan on eating at exactly a certain time, ill just write down when i begin to eat thats all