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Please Critique My Cycle, Thanks


Alright My fellow Freaks

here is what I am going to do for my next cycle starting the 1st of sep

10 weeks 600mg Test E
10 weeks 600mg EQ
first 4 weeks 40mg Dbol

Then I am going to cruise for 6 weeks on 250mg of Test Cyp
and hit another 10 weeker that is going to look like this.

-600mg Sus 300, unless you guys think differnt, I have Test E, and Cyp if thoes will be better.
-400mg of deca for 9 weeks to lube the joints while I am on winstrol
-50mg of drol for the first 3 weeks
-and for the last 4 weeks I am going to do 50mg winstrol EOD,

Please critique and let me know what you guys think,
--I was also thinking of running the Eq at 400 during my cruise for 6 weeks so that would be a total of 16weeks for the eq, Thanks for the responses


This looks fine to me. You might want to extend this though as many will suggest EQ should be run for a longer period of time. If you've done it before and it works for you, then 10 weeks is fine.

Run test E or C instead of sus, unless you inject at least EOD. Even then I would suggest test E or C, and extend the cycle to 10 weeks (though 9 is fine I guess if that's all the gear you've got). I would start deca the week before you start the test since it'll take a bit longer to kick in. Are you injecting the winny or oral?

Either way I'd recommend upping it to 50mg/day (otherwise it won't do a whole lot, especially with a gram of other aas already), and run it weeks 8-11 so it extends the injectables by one week (10 week cycle). I'd also stop the deca a week before the test since it'll take longer to clear your system. I would start PCT starting half way through week 12, which I'll assume you have already planned out since it isn't listed.

I would leave the cruise at 250mg of test/week, otherwise it wouldn't be much of a cruise.


I concur with most of Schwarz's comments, especially the choice of Enanthate or Cyp over Sust. For that duration E and C just make more sense in terms of shot frequncy versus the 3 times a week you need for Sust.

At those dosages you are right on the border for needing an AI or something. I hope you got that covered too.

Finally you're gonna blast for 10 cruise for 6 thrn re-blast for another 10, which is fine. But after being "on" for basically half a year what do you in your week 27? But get that pre-planned as well, though obviously you have time. Some type of taper is highly adviseable. Might take you more than 6 weeks to properly taper off.