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Please Critique My Bulk


hey guys so i'm doing a clean bulk. I've been eating clean for about 6 months trying to get rid of fat, unfortunately i still have a small gut, and i am pretty satisfied with my definition minus the gut, i (and other people) can see my 4-pak easily(not bragging but trying to give an idea of where i'm at.

i'm 5'10" an 170lbs at 20 years old.
I ideally want to be 175lbs shredded, but i know that to do that i probably have to lose about 10lbs of fat and replace that with muscle, muscle comes first again.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: the reason i do not want to get bigger than 175lb is because of my sports(kiteboarding/windsurfing/surfing), where you are at a disadvantage being heavy(require more power).

I am following Chads Big Boy Basics program(i've been lifting for a while but it was worthless- this site has shown me my errors).

5:45am 2 scoops Metabolic Drive(water) with a tbsp of flax meal

7:15 Carbolin 19, 1 scoop Metabolic Drive(water) 4 Floz(20g carbs) of all-natural grapejuice.

7:30 workout(CW BBB program, sometimes followed by 20 minutes of walking(10% grade and 3.0mph)

9:00 2 scoops Metabolic Drive In water(and add 5g of Biotest Creatine), drink that, then followed by 8FLoz(40g carbs) all-natural grape juice and GREENS+

10:30 (.5cup dry) steel cut oats in water, 3 eggs cooked with mixed vegetables(carrots, peas, green beans, corn and lima beans ? frozen mix- 1cup)

2:30 - .3-.4(estimate) lbs of lean cubed beef(about the size of the palm of my hand and about .5 inch thick.(300kcals?) ? again vegetables. This time more brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes(1whole roma), ? avocado, sometimes if I?m screaming hungry I will add ? to ? cup of canned garbanzo beans. Sometimes also a tsp of olive oil. 2 tbsp flax meal.
Carbolin 19 second dose.

3:00 handful of almonds or pumpkin seeds.

5:30 can of tuna(35g protein -150kcal), vegetables(more brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, ? avocado, tomatoe, and cabbage or spinach. NEVER beans here, this meal is about carb free. 1 tbsp flax meal

9:00 or 9:30: 1 cup cottage cheese blended with 2 tbsp flax meal. 1 ?dash? of coconut oil.
sometimes add a handful of pumpkin seeds to this mix.

Cycle repeats.

i've done this so far for a week. It seems like my calorie estimate is TOO high? i'm getting like 4000kcals a day with this!? Fat gain here is really my biggest fear, i'm sorry but i really don't want to jeopardize my hobbies, by being some fatty mcgee.

I've just started Deadlifting as of last week(sorry i never even knew this exercise existed, NO ONE! does them at my Uni, needless to say they are my favorite lift).


all 5RM:
BP: 165lb
squat(ATG):180lb(haha sorry really just added these about a month ago)
DL: 145lb: trying to perfect my form still, but i KNOW i can do way more.

please give me some pointers/ motivation, thank you all.

Oh and i currently am strapped for Cash, but i WILL get Surge to replace Grow! P w/o.


you are still not eating enough. you cannot bulk properly if you are scared to death of putting on any amounts of fat. i suggest stop messing with the fruit juice and have Surge before and after workout. good luck



you're eating a lot of vegetables, which is great, but it seems to me like your diet is comprised of a lot of vegetables and not enough overall calories. i don't know where you got 4000 calories from, but it doesn't seem to me that a can of tuna, about six ounces of beef, three eggs, six scoops of Metabolic Drive, and a bunch of vegetables can add up to 4000 calories.

maybe it's just me, but i think that, first and foremost, you need to add more to that meal of two scoops of Metabolic Drive first thing in the morning. and i'm going to tell you what i think most people here are going to tell you: at your height, while only weighing 170 pounds, you don't need to worry so much about limiting your carb intake or about gaining too much fat.

i understand that you want to stay lean for your sport, and that's fine, but i really don't think that eating a lot more fat and protein from whole foods (peanut butter, nuts, non-lean beef, the occasional extra large pizza washed down with a Triple Thick Milk Shake, etc.) will be detrimental.


i forgot to add some almonds i have with some of those smaller meals, i limit myself to one handful.

the way i got 4000kcals was i was pretty much overestimating everything i ate by as much as 30-50 kcals, just so i could be sure what the upper limit on what i was consuming was. Sometimes its hard to measure out .5 cups of oats for instance, so the label says 280 for .5 cups dry, so i go, alright it's probably around 300kcal.

i actually LOVE Peanut butter to death, but i feel like peanuts or almonds are better calorie to bulk ratio here. i dont want to OVEREAT too much, right?


You definately have to eat more. From where I'm sittin', it doesn't look like you're gettin' even 3000cals. Anything that isn't tied down is fair game. If you're practicing your sport and liftin hard you're burnin alot of cals. Make up for them in the kitchen.


Not enough food.


Why come on here with such a ridiculous position. You want to bulk---------------5 F*n pounds. Go eat a pizza and a gallon of milk. Bang--you're done.

This isn't a bulk. You're eating clean and trying to lose fat. Thatisn't a bulk. That's trying to gain weight. And it's easy. Eat more than you use.


These guys are right. Not enough food.

You can eat clean, but you just have to eat way more. Try multiplying everything you have here by 1.5 and going from there.


haha true true, but technically i said 175 with very low BF. I know that technically i have to bulk up to about 185. That means i have about 15lbs to bulk. That's a relatively straight forward goal, is it not?

Anyway points have been taken, i will eat more.

thank you all.


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