Please Critique My Big Split

Male, 5"10, 167lbs, 8 months training with 4 weeks off spread throughout this time due to travel.

Goal: deload from normal strength training and fill in some weak spots on definition and strength.

Warm up is a light lift for every body part and then 1 set at 50% and one at 75% of 1st work set.

Each total workout takes about 35-50 minutes including warm-ups.

On days with extra time I throw in decline weighted situps - either 1 or 2 sets to failure or 3x10.

Break between sets is usually 1-1.5 minutes EXCEPT deadlift where breaks are 2 minutes between each set and 3.5-4 minutes before the final set.

Day 1:
Back squat 3x10 140lbs
Deadlift 5x5 with final set at 315lbs
one-legged calf raise 3x20 35lbs

Day 2:
Bench press 1x10x95lbs 2x8x105lbs 1x5x125lbs
Decline dumbbell press or incline (alternate) 1x10x32lbs 2x8x40lbs 1x5 50lbs
decline pull overs 1x10x30lbs 2x8x35lbs 1x5x44lbs
flys 1 set to failure 18lbs

Day 3:

Day 4:
Semi-suppinated chin ups - Going for 30 reps over multiple sets
dumbell row 1x10 2x8 1x5
Lat pull-down 1x10 2x8 1x5 (can’t remember weights right now)
Dips going for 30 reps over multiple sets

Day 5:
Seated Arnold Press 3x10 ~30lbs
Standing Military Press 3x10 ~50lbs
Lateral raises 3x10 ~15lbs
Front raises 3x10 ~18lbs
One-armed dumbbell shrugs 3x15

Day 6:

Day 1: …

Please comment on the whole program and my weak points. I think my bench really sucks as my 3RM is like 166lbs. My squat is ?okay? as 5RM squat is probably about 196lbs.

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Please note: Some of you may have noticed I posted a 20rep squat log that I did not follow up on. I got the flu 2 days into the program and was violently ill and because of this I’ve switched to a less stressful profram for the remained of the 7 weeks on what would have been the squat program that now has 4 weeks left. I do not want to put myself at any risk of injury or sustained stomach problems and will pursue a strength program again in a couple of months.

That is an ENORMOUS difference in your deadlift and squat.

I would include a single leg squat or bulgarian split squat in your training somewhere. According to articles and other posters on this site, that is very useful.

I would also include dips on day 2 instead of day 4 since they are a big worker of chest and tricep which matches your day 2 moreso than your day 4.

If I were you I would do rack deads instead of doing them off the floor. You still get the same benefit of working the lower back but you do not work the legs and can have them fresh for legs. Also it would be better if you added more leg movements to your split.

I would suggest moving dead to back day and devoting the full leg day to just quad and ham movements. If you want you could sub stiff legged deads for reg. deads and move rack deads to back days. Hope that helps.

You definetly need more direct legwork. Heres what I’d reccommend:

Day 1:
Bench press
Decline dumbbell press or incline (alternate)
decline pull overs
flys 1 set to failure

Day 2:
Back Squat
Leg press
Calf raise

Day 3:

Day 4:
Semi-suppinated chin ups
dumbell row
Lat pull-down

Day 5:

Day 6:
Military press
Arnold press

Day 7:

Not bad. Could be worse. I prefer doing it the way you have it with legs on the 1st day when you’re totally fresh.

You need more volume on leg day. You can keep DL and squat on the same day until you get substantially stronger (like, a LOT). I still do a squat/pull combo sometimes. Add lunges and another hamstring movement there. (4 exercises for upper legs).

This is what I see:

  1. Legs
  2. horizontal pressing
  3. back
  4. vertical pressing/shoulders


Back day–forget the dips. If you’re going to use dips, then do them either on chest day or shoulder day. Put another rowing exercise in its place.

I’d also forget the front raises. anterior delts tend to get plenty of work with bench presses, flyes, dips, and shoulder presses. Substitute dips or something.

Shoulder day would look like

Military press
lateral raise

Routine shows thought. I’d also include some ab work for finishers.

I would also reccomend doing legs when your fresh.

I however do legs on day 2 and then dedicate an entire day to squats and deads then 2 full days rest after that.

Thanks… Here is a bit of an update…

I’m still thinking about direct legwork. My gym sucks right now so… I’ll add weighted lunges.

Any recommendations on a good ham exercise?

I moved my dips to my chest day, I do them 1st and my goal is 30: this has made my bench way weaker because the dips are so tiring… is this okay?

On the back day I added upright rows,got rid of the lat pull downs and moved the decline pull overs from the chest day.

Day 1:
Back squat
One-legged Calf Raise

Day 2
Dips leaning forward
Flat Bench
Decline Bench

Day 3

Day 4

semi-sup chins
dumbbell row
upright barbell row
decline pull overs

Day 5
military press
lateral raises

Day 6

Day 7
Same as Day 1

[quote]GripAndRip wrote:
Any recommendations on a good ham exercise?

Good mornings or straight leg deadlifts