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Please Critique My 3-Day Split?


My goal is fat loss and I have decided to start earlier this year rather then later. My diet is on key. I will be working out with weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be doing Abs and Interval Training on a treadmill for 20-30 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sundays will be my days off from my diet and workout.

My workout plan is as follows:

Monday-Horizontal Push and Pull
Tuesday-Abs and Interval Training
Wednesday-Quad and Hip Dominant
Thursday- Abs and Interval Training
Friday-Vertical Push and Pull
Saturday- Abs and Interval Training

1. Horizontal Pushes: Upper-body exercises in which you move the weight away from your torso horizontally. (Imagine your torso is upright.) Exercises: Any bench press or chest fly; dips

  1. Horizontal Pulls: Upper-body exercises that require you to move the weight toward your torso horizontally
    Exercises: Any bent-over or seated row; dumbbell or machine reverse flys

  2. Vertical Pushes: Upper-body exercises in which you move the weight vertically in relation to your torso
    Exercises: Any type of shoulder press; lateral or front raise; upright row

  3. Vertical Pulls: Upper-body exercises that require you to move the weight in a downward direction in relation to your upright torso
    Exercises: Any pullup, pulldown, or pullover

  4. Quad-dominants: Exercises in which your quadriceps are the primary mover
    Exercises: Any squat, lunge, or leg extension

  5. Hip-dominants: Exercises in which your hamstrings and glutes are the primary movers
    Exercises: Any type of deadlift or leg curl

Does this look like a solid workout plan? I wanted a plan where I can workout with weights 3 days a week and also do interval training on the other 3 days. By the way I don?t like a full body workout which is why I am not doing 3 day a week full body workouts.


This doesn't go to the potential efficacy of your arrangement (I don't know that you've provided enough specifics about the training plan for anyone to be able to provide much help) but I don't like your definitions...

I'll give examples: Under your definitions, a barbell curl is a vertical push, and a tricep pushdown is a vertical pull. Doesn't really make sense.

But, that doesn't mean your groupings won't work. You may just end up with some overlap, which I think is good most of the time.

Good luck.


Here is the article I am referring to.



If your goal is fat loss there's no way you can go wrong with the Waterbury Summer Project.


Dude! If you have to read mensfitness, at least keep it to yourself. There are people on here who'd kill you!


Why is that because they don't talk about steroids?


Um... no.


Thanks for reminding me why I hardly ever post on here.


dude, i dont take steroids and I post on here. If you were seeking maximal fat loss, you would want to use a full body plan because you stimulate all the major muscles groups at once, causing your body to say WTF?!

by stimulating everything at once you will be hitting every major muscle group, and increasing testosterone production much more than you would if you were to just do two movements 3 times a week.

your program is fine, it's just that from a fat loss perspective, full-body workouts seem to be the way to go.


I'd go for the Waterbury summer project too if I were you Tryingtogetinshape.

A) It makes the pace for you. This way you have a harder time slacking.

B) It's challenging and that can be fun.

C) It works like a hot damn (and I rarely use hillbilly terms like 'hot damn')

The program you've described will definently show some results, as any program over no program would.

But the WSP will get you your results faster and give you a sense of accomplishment. The fact that the WSP has a finite timeline will also give you that sense of completion when you're done. After that you can move onto meltdown or 10/3 for fatloss.

Check it out.



Mens Fitness does not talk about steroids because they are fake. They don't want to acknowledge and educate on steroids even though it would be the right thing to do. Instead they choose to mass marketing bullshit.

The reason most people here do not like Mens Fitness (MF) is largely because the people here know their shit. MF isn't about educating or teaching you, it is about making money.

You posted here because you wanted quality information.

From what you have laid out we get no idea of volume, so we cant tell you much about your routine. However, I read the article and it gave me an idea of volume for the workout: "Leg day sets (6-12) than on your upper-body days (12-24)." But what weight load/reps?

You will get results from this routine, but you will probably get results from lifting ping pong balls. From a newb stance, I could see where some questions would arise from what they are giving you: how many reps, how many exercises(12 bench presses, and 12 seated rows sounds like crap?), rep tempo, diet, supplements, and so on. My guess is you are not sure how to approach these items either.

The routine also sounds more like a split than total body. Total body will work best for your goals. I know shit and I don't like that program for me, or you.

Routine is just a fraction of the puzzle you are working on.

Why not go with a time tested, fool proof routine that covers all this and is time tested and guaranteed to get great results? My guess is everyone here will see problems with the routine laid out in that article, and not just the items a newb would have questions remaining on. Most people agree a total body routine is best for beginners, and especially those looking to burn fat.

I further guess that everyone here will agree CW's Summer Project is time tested and approved. Why not listen to the people here? Because we choose to educate and discuss, instead of ignore what we know exists like MF does?

My advice is stop reading Muscle Fitness, and go with this: