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Please Critique First Cycle

so after getting lost in the mail for a month, my stuff came :slight_smile:

Week 1 Frontload 1 gram Test E
Week 2-(8-12?) 250mg Test E 2x Week

Week 1-12 500mg Trib 5x per week (got blood work done and my test was above the normal range but E2 and SHBG were at the very upper end of the normal range)

Week 1-12 GHRP6/MOD GRF 2x per day

Bridge: Winny (have 100, 10mg tabs but not sure what dose i should use. 30mg?)

PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20

Goals: Trying to bring up weak areas while improving body comp in the process

Nutrition: Just started the AD and really liking it.
Training: Chest/Arms, Shoulders/Backs, Legs - Hitting everything 2x per 8 days
Cardio: Fasted LISS 30 mins 4-5x Week (for fat loss and less bloat)

Here’s where i need some advice though:

i have gyno/extra pec fat from puberty. adex and nolva on hand.

should i go with the standard .25mg EOD from the start?

also, i have a bottle of MDROL (a superdrol clone) that i have seen some mixed opinions about. just wondering if anyone thinks adding it in is even worth it?

any other opinions would be appreciated as well. thanks guys

bump :slight_smile:

Yes you should use the adex and be ready to increase the dose.

I would use peptides for as long as you can. Theres really no reason to come off them.

thanks a lot bonez. ill do both.

question about front loading though. when you do, how long until you start feeling the effects/noticing gains?

I wouldn’t worry about the winny, or that trib… If you are set on the winny then use 30-40mg per day towards the end of the cycle and bridging into PCT.

Just the test is plenty for a first cycle though.

Bonez is right about the peptides. I take GHRP-6 pretty much as long as I can afford it along with the other stuff. You can even keep taking it through PCT and off time.

Hold off on the superdrol.

Start with .25mg EOD on the adex. If you notice estrogen related sides bump it to .25mg ED or .5mg EOD.

thanks BS.

about the SD i was just throwing it out there. already returned it but wanted to see if anyone had anything to say about it for future reference. doubt i’ll end up using it though.

regarding the TRIB, the blood work i got lets me know its stimulating LH so i thought i could use it as a substitute for HCG and maybe make recovering my own T production a bit easier

i know it is not the same, but i figured it was better than nothing… that and i dont want girls thinking “why are this guyss nuts so small?” lol