Please Critique FFB'S Fat Loss Mode of Attack!

about me, I used to weigh 350 dieted and worked out for about 5months until I reached 210. That was a little over a year ago I contiued to work out for size and strength. About 8 weeks ago I began clean bulking, I was 195 now im about 215-220. Im an intermediate lifter, intermediaite strength. I just got done with my first deload Im looking to max- 285 bench, 450- deadlift, 375 squat.

The workout plan:

Stronglifts 5x5 (basic heavy tbt 3x a week,)

I will be lifting MWF and doing an interval day on sunday. Consisting of the bear, up downs (burpees), and sprints all lasting no more than an hour.

Tu-TR-Sat will be rest and recovery days, I will do Nepa Non-exercise-physical-activity, consisting of basketball, football walking etc.


  1. the stronglifts 5x5 uses squat every day, is that too much while in a caloric deficit?
  2. The intervals Could I add in a day of intervals?? Is one too much, is it just enough a week?

The diet:

Im going to be on the regressive ketogenic diet for four weeks here:

I plan on eating fish oils wish every meal, keep the diet to the T.

After the first four weeks I will reintroduce carbs- only 50-60g to my diet only post work out.

So please check this out, give me some good advice thanks…

[quote]easttxryda wrote:
about me, I used to weigh 350 dieted and worked out for about 5months until I reached 210. [/quote]

Outstanding work. Seriously, good job.

Okay… wait… in two months you went up 20-25 pounds while bulking? You haven’t given measurements to clarify, but my instinct is thinking that might not have been as clean as you hoped. Especially once guys have been huge before, you need to take a slower, uber-strict approach to “bulking.”

Are you tracking measurements (chest, arms, waist, legs, etc), taking frequent progress pics, or just going by scale weight?

Not to call bull or anything, but I noticed that just a month ago, your maxes were: “bench-255, squat- 350 deadlift- 375”

Did you really add 130 pounds to your total in a month, or is there some fuzzy PR-calculating going on?

Not sure what you mean by the part I bolded. The bear (figuring you mean the barbell complex) doesn’t have anything to do with interval training.

Initially, maybe yeah, especially on the low/no carb days. If you notice that you’re just not recovering right, dial down the intensity and/or volume of the lifting. I don’t remember the details of the Stronglift 5x5 plan off the top of my head, so I’m not sure what the program calls for.

The keto diet can be rough. I’d start with just one interval day for the first week or two, so you can settle into the diet. After that, you can consider adding another cardio day in place of a NEPA session.

On a side note, I checked your thread in Rate My Physique.

Have any current pics, especially after this two month bulk?

  1. Yes I know weight was fast, but I have measured my waist, stayed pretty much the same, andded half an inch. The arms and legs also have went up a few inches.

  2. yes, I have added that much to my maxes, I wasn’t ever really eating enough, or eating small meals, and now that I’ve started I’ve had freakin awesome results. But remember I havent gotten all of those maxes yet, I may get a lil more, or a little less.
    \But anyways thanks for the advice.