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Please Critique Cutting Cycling


I am 238 14% body fat and my goal weight is 218 8% body fat with very little muscle loss. I am about to start a 16 week cutting cycle consisting of test E for 12 weeks at 500mg then for the last 4 weeks I am going to switch to test prop 50mg ED injections 350mg a week.

In addition, I am taking liquidex at 1mg EOD (I am very prone to estrogen related chest fat) PCT will consist of Nolvadex ran at 40,40,20,20 and clen ramped up to 100mcg 2 weeks on and two weeks off. My diet is low carb, high protein, and high good fat.

I work out with weights 4 times a week and cardio 6 days a week for 45 to 60mins each session. Is there anything else I can do or take to increase fat weight loss and preserve LBM?


You only have 20 lbs of fat to lose, and you are giving yourself 16 weeks to accomplish it. That is a very reasonable goal that is easily doable even without the use of a cycle. Lifting hard and eating enough protein is key if you want to preserve muscle mass. I would save the cycle for your next gain if I were you.

Edit: You may want to reduce the cardio if you want to preserve muscle. Reduce your carb intake instead.


Yeah I know I could do it without the test. But, I don't want to be any bigger than I am, so the only time I will use it to maintain my mass while cutting down to single digit body fat. I will drop the 16 weeks to maybe 12 no longer and run test e for 8 and start test prop week 9 through 12 ed and keep the pct the same.

This is my first cutting cycle is it anything that I have to do differently when I come off than a bulking cycle? This is my current plan. I will reintroduce complex carbs slowly back into my diet, protein will be 1 pound per LBM and cut back on my fat intake, and cut my cardio for 1hr 6 days to 3 days 30min and scale the weight training back 3 days. What do you think?


If you insist on using test to cut, then I would definitely not do a 16 week cycle, even 12 is a bit too long. 10 weeks using test E throughout, with a possible front load would work. PCT starting at week 12.

Why scale the weight training back? This is key to maintaining muscle, and if you are cycling why not make the most of it?


My experience might be insufficient here, but 20 lbs of fat to lose is a big deal!
For me 10 weeks is not nearly enough to lose that much.
Also, to start cardio 16 weeks out at 6 times a week would be crazy!
I would stop progressing with the fatloss in 8 weeks completely.
I add cardio gradually 6-8 weeks out of target date.
The gradual calorie (carbs mostly) reduction with heavy lifting is the key.
Cardio is just a final tool to take yourself further when diet alone is not enough anymore.


So I should cut back on the carbs gradually, lift heavy , no cardio and diet hard for 8 weeks. Then reintroduce cardio at week 8 until I reach my goal. Great advice I like it. What about Pct for this cycle? Should I keep it the same as above and what can I expect from it. I have done bulking cycles before never cutters.


I think PCT should be the same regardless.
At least that's how I advise to my clients and they never had any complains.

You can use carb cycling in your diet. Worked nicely for me. It is easy to progress by gradually adding more no/low carb days into it.