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Please Critique 4 Day Workout to See if on Right Track

1.1 Incline DB press 2 sec iso hold 2x8
1.2 Stand clavicle cable fly neutral grip iso hold 2x12
2.1 Standing cable fly 2x8-12
2.2 Kneeling cable costal fly/press 2xmax using same weight
3 Triceps ez bar ext 30’s 2x10,10,10


  1. Chest supported neutral grip lat rows 2x8-12
  2. Upper back pulldowns 2x8-12
  3. Incline shrug row 2x8-12
  4. Kneeling lat focused single arm pulldown 2x8-12
    5.1 Straight bar curl / vertical preacher side 2x8-12
    5.2 Angled preacher side 2xmax
    5.3 Stand bar curls 2xmax



  1. Seated lateral dumbbell raise 2x12
  2. Wrist high cable laterals slight lean 2x10-12
  3. Cable Y-raises 2x10-12
  4. Rear delt rows 2x10-12
  5. Overhead plate raise 30 sec cluster 1x8,8,8,max rep (using 12-15 rep max)



  1. Leg extensions 2x12-15
  2. Leg curls 2x10-12
  3. Leg press 2x12-20
    4.1 Smith machine hip thrust 2x10
    4.2 Goblet squat finisher 15 sec iso to start 2x10


I literally have no idea what your goal is, what your training history is, etc.

52 year old male training for the last 30 years on and off. Been solid with gym the last 10 years.
My goal is maintain muscle density with any gains if any a bonus. I am about 10 to 12% BF.
Generally speaking I love the gym and can’t see me stopping anytime soon. My diet thanks to you is on point 95% of the time. With my work schedual, 4 days is perfect. Any advice welcomed Paul. Cheers mate.

i know you like your back shots haha…

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Honestly dude…

I like it a lot. If I were being super picky I think there’s some redundancy in your shoulder day where you’re hitting medial delts with like three movements in a row (probably not needed my man). But outside of that, this is the best routine I’ve ever been asked about on here.

Well done.

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Wow thank you my man! After a long time of experimenting on exercises and different movements, it’s only over the last few months of watching you and listening to what to you had to say that gave me the confidence to put something together and ask for you opinion.
I will now do the cable lateral drop sets, rear delt rows, 1 set of dumbbell press and my plate raises.
AGAIN thank you for all you are doing. OH what about my back lol…

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Your back looks good my man.

Your glutes need some work. LOL


Yep I Know…LOL
That’s why I’m hitting glute raises and doing RDL’s every second week…

Awesome physique, good job!
Care to share your lifts a bit for reference? :slight_smile:

If your refering to weight, nothing to brag about I use alot of dumbbells,machines and cables at the moment.
I came from a powerlifting background in the 90’s. In a tested federation 285kg squat,
160kg bench(shite) and a 295kg conventional deadlift. I suffer from spinal stenosis so
at the moment I dont do any major bar work other than rdl’s for 140kg for a sloid 10 reps. Since @Paul_Carter has made it quiet clear that technique and exercise selection for each individual plays a big role other than the amount of weight used, I paired everything back and started over. Hope that’s what you were after.

If your back still bothers you you could always to smith machine rdls or rdls in a vsquat machine.

Thanks, always interesting to read about backgrounds to awesome physiques.

Cheers for the advice @nickj_777. I’m on top of my condition as long as I don’t do anything to stupid. I can do rdl’s really well now that I know how target my glutes and hammies only.

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@Leash cheers for the interest mate! But I’m far from awesome LOL, just love working out!!