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Please Comment on This Split

Day I

Squats 3X5
Deadlifts 1X5
Weighted chin-ups 4X8-10
Unilateral dumbbell rows 4X8-10
45° Leg press 4X10-12
Standing calf raises 4X15

Day II

Bench press 3X5
Press 4X8-10
Incline dumbbell press 4X8-10
Side lateral raises 3X8-10
Lying triceps extensions 3X5
Hammer curls 3X8-10


Squats 4X8-10
Pendlay rows 3X5
Weighted chin-ups 4X8-10
Glute-ham raises 4X8-10
Straight-arm pull-downs 4X10-12
Standing calf raises 4X15

Day IV

Press 3X5
Bench press 4X8-10
Weighted chest dips 3X5
Face-pulls 3X8-10
Barbell curls 3X5
Cable overhead triceps extensions 3X8-10

Hoping the more experienced guys in here can tell me if this is good, decent, okay, kinda shitty, or plain fucking terrible and if it’s not entirely bad, what modifications would you make to it?

Is there a way to program in some rack pulls without removing deadlifts or overdoing it?

Bit generic lel and kinda shitty. Would advise scrapping the whole lot and picking a well estabalished program that fits your goals. Could spend a whole day on picking apart this routine:

e.g. Progression?

If you answer is just add more reps or weight whenever you feel strong or something similarly airy fairy is probably not good enough unless you’re a beginner. Only beginners and beginner juicers can make those kinds of consistent gains without trying. For everyone else progression needs to be forced by applying the principle of overload to your training in some form or another.

Had I run this I would have based progression off 3X5 lift PR’s and based my 4X10 sets off of a percentage of the 3X5 numbers (like Texas Method) or otherwise I would have set a total rep requirement. example: Incline dumbbell press must hit at least 40 reps between the 4 sets, irrespective of the distribution I.E. 10,10,10,10 or 12,10, 9, 9.

What well known hypertrophy program would you recommend?

531 BBB
Lyle McDonalds’s generic


All of thoes are fine.
Pick a program that you like the look of and run it.
consistency is more important, you’re more likely to put in the work if you like what you’re doing.


Sometimes you’re Rollin’ in the gym. You know how strong you are, you have a good feel for what weights to use for the sets/reps you are planning to work with. You’ve been progressing for awhile, and you have a great “Feel” or understanding of how much and how fast to progress so you can keep moving forward.

If you’re Rollin’ you can look at a Generic, Cookie Cutter routine like PHAT, PHUL, or Lyle McD. And you just Know how to run it and what weights to use, and how things fit together. You know enough, you can just Train.

Other times you’re lost and adrift in the gym. You can’t seem to enough momentum to start Rollin’. Everything is a grind. This is a bad time for 3 sets of 5.

You need to Learn what weights to use, and you need to Learn how to progress without pushing too hard. You gotta Learn how all the lifts fit into the program together. Then, you get a feel for these things, and start Rollin’ again. 5/3/1 will teach you how to load and how to byprogram. So you’re training, but you’re also learning How to train, so you’re more prepared for the future.


Could try this -vaguely similar to what you posted but much more effective…