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Please Clear this Up for Me...



In massive eating part II, Dr. Berardi offers a sample meal plan where the first 4 meals of the day are made up of Protein + Fat, this puzzles me as free fatty acid concentrations are lowest in the morning and our ability to uptake blood glucose is at it's peak, so why wouldn't one take advantage of this and therefore begin the day with a Protein + Carbs meal. Ingesting fat early in the day has also shown to blunt glucose tolerance for up to 6 hours there after. I'm very confused by his reccomendation and would greatly appreciate someone explaining this to me.

Thank you.


Why do you want to follow the P+C and P+F thing anyway? Even Berardi has moved away from that.

Regardless, with respect to your actual question, I suppose it's because training is later in the day, and so JB wants the trainee to load up on carbs PWO.


I knew this one guy who put peanut butter on his toast...and got fat.


Thanks for your answer. As to your first question, I've found from personal experience that I'm able to obtain leaner gains when seperating my macronutrients.


What was the point of this comment?


I think he's saying that there is no need to be so anal with regard to macro combos, like avoiding C+F.

I generally keep my carb intake to the first half of the day but that's mainly because I workout earlier. I'll be starting a job soon working 11am-7pm so I will have to decide whether to do earlier morning workouts or wait until the evening, but either way, I will be using carbs peri-workout. If on a cut I'll be more strategic with the placement of my carbs but that's another matter.


It seems to have fallen out of favour here of late - but when dieting i still see sense in the P+C/P+F idea.. even if 'Berardi has moved away from it'!

When dieting - i generally restrict carbs down to 30~50g or so a day, and eat high protein, high fat. OR if i want to drop just a little fat during a bulk (to control fat gain), i'll drop fats and eat high protein, high carb. They BOTH work and i know for a fact that if i was to eat high P, C and F then i would not improve my composition as much as i currently do with the protocols i use.

Of course it is not just black and white - and i am not suggesting that eating P+C that is laden with sugar will be as successful as a diet with EFA's, wholegrains and lean proteins - BUT i am working under the assumption that healthy choices are always made (high fibre, low sat fat, low sugar, etc.)

Maybe it is because i am a bodybuilder instead of a general fitness/general muscle proponent like many who follow the 'popular' nutrition/training plans - but i stick to low carb (ie. P+F with P+C re-feeds) for dieting and it is perfectly fine (add in carb cycling at discretion).

*I am NOT saying that the nutrition articles are of no value - they are of fantastic value. It is just that it seems that so many who read them religiously tend to move from one to the next depending which is newer, and never really get an opinion of their own.
I think it is a shame that a site with SUCH good information breeds so many fans that are thus unable to discern between them, feeling the need to follow each and every idea!*

sorry - /rant.