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please clear these out for me...

greetings good people of T-mag! i am gene from the philippines and i came accross one of your magazines (old ones though) . you featured one article in your # 149 issue (the one with the “squat big” article) entitled “from russia with love”. i think it’s a good program if it wasn’t too vague for me!

the first program you called "the soviet peaking cycle" was too vague for me coz i dont know too much techinicalities regarding work out programs. anyway, i'd like to ask you guys what you meant by this ----> 45% x 8-10 for the first set on the first week at day 1 (and etc). what was the 45% for? it's 45% of what? is 8-10 the number of reps? how many sets do i have to do? how many body parts can i apply this program?

and lastly, dear helpful sirs, please elaborate on the other program (soviet squat routine) well it’s as vague as the first one. 80% (6x2)? what do these numbers stand for?

that would be all, sirs. i hope you’ll find time replying to my mail. thank you and more power…

hoping for your reply soon,
Gene T.
Manila, Philippines

The percentage refers to the ratio compared to your 1 Rep Maximum (which is also called your 1RM). Therefore, if I can bench a maximum of 100kg (only once), then I take 45kg and do 8-10 reps (that’s what the 8-10 refers to).

The 80% (6x2) means take 80% of your maximum and do 6 reps. For two sets.

Keep in mind that this program is a power-lifting program designed to “peak” out a person just before a competition. It is not a body building program. It is not even a normal powerlifting program.

I think 6x2 might be 6 sets of 2 reps rather than reps reps by 2 sets