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Please Check My Supplement Stack (for Sprinting)!!

hello, just joined but have been stalking this forum for a while. I’m pretty much a newb so I’d like my supplement stack looked over and critiqued before I start taking it. My goal is to train for short sprints (55m-200m), and I have experience with whey and creatine. Just wanted something more… Here’s my current supplement list (5)

Super Advanced whey Protein- got it in bulk cheap, includes BCAA, various amino acids, L-glutamine, also includes 6g creatine and 26g whey
ZMA- for anabolic sleep, test booster
Alpha Male- test booster
Memory booster (this ones just for college)- includes Vitamin B6, magnesium, Ginseng, Ginkgo, L-glutamine

My diet is pretty healthy, buffet style college food so I make sure I take 25% veggies, 40% meat/eggs/protein, 35% carbs, twice a day plus cereal + cereal bar in the morning.
Although admittedly, my sleep pattern is fuked up, been trying to fix that for a while…

Please let me know of any cautionary notes or side effects of the combination above. I know Alpha Male is taken 5 days a week, but can I take it continuously? Should I cycle the supplement stack every 3-4 weeks and take 1 week off?

Since ZMA and Alpha Male are natural test boosters, I don’t have to worry about gyno or PCTs/extra supplements? Or if I should add/substitute any supplements to maximize my sprint training?

Thanks guys, any help is deeply appreciated

I honestly wouldnt worry about AAS side effects coming into play when using ZMA, Alpha Male or other over the counter “test booster” supps. Ive never used Alpha Male but its just an OTC test booster so wouldnt be too worried about gyno or a PCT.


There is some debate whether these natural test boosters actually work at all so there is absolutely no danger of steroid-like side effects. If they were so potent such supplements would be top of every recreational bodybuilders list.

Personally I’ve noticed an increase in sex drive while supplementing with trib. Following Poliquin’s advice, I take them at night before bed. I also cycle them and generally only use them when on a low calorie/carbs phase for 1-2 weeks.