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Please Check My Sumo Dead & Bench

Hi, these aren’t the best videos but they’re all I got. Please critique it and let me know where I can improve in either lift. If anyone knows any good prehab/rehab for sumo deadlifting that’d be cool too (my groin/hip plays up after 2-3 weeks of consecutive sumo deadlifting).




What weight class are you in?

[quote]Umyaya wrote:
What weight class are you in? [/quote]

Weighed 72.9kg; in the 74kg class

The pull looked good for a max/above max attempt. You mentioned your groin wearin you out, I like using the good girl/bad girl machines to stretch before lifting to get warmed up.

It looks like you squatted the bar instead of pulling the bar.

Your hips went first which left your arm angle forward or out in front of the bar not straight up and down.

You can see it left you with the bar hanging out in front of you which made the lock out tough.

90% of the effort is before the bar leaves the ground