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Please Check My Leg/Delt Routine

Hello all,
I was given a workout by a Power Lifter of 25+years
I have Triceps and Chest Monday
Wednesday I do Biceps and back
Friday Legs and Delts.
Which is as follows

Squat 5X 10.8,6,4,4
Lateral Raise3X 8
Toe Raise4X 15 (Toes straight,in, out, straight)
Bent Over Lateral Raise 3X 8
Lunge or Leg Extension3X 8
Military Press 3X 8
Deadlift 3X 8

Monday and Wednesday works good, however, Legs and Delts. I do my squats and Lateral Raise, then I’m zapped. I lift the same weight I squat with to do my Toe Raises, when I lift the bar over my head,I struggle to not hit my head.I tried seated toe raising, but find it less effective. Can you change anything around?
I train at home with a few weights and a basic bench.



Well I couldnt do squats and shoulder work on the same day. Im not good with legs, but I do know it will zap any body. I think its to much to ask of your body. If three days a week is what you want to do I might do something like:

Monday = Chest/Shoulders/Tris
(In that order, because as you work one your working the next. By the time you get to your Tris theyre already tired.)

Wednesday = Back/Bis

Friday = Legs

Im not knocking your routine. I just know I cant do it.

BTW Glad to meet you.

Hi 63Galaxie, I should have said that the chap that built me this workout, was sombody I met at work, I was temporarily contracted to his site of work, and I’m not likely to see him again.

The rest of my workout goes like this,

Monday Tris and Chest
Incline Bench 3X 8
Close Grip Bench 3X 8
Flat Bench 3X 8
Skull Crushers 3x 8 ( Standing or Lying-I can’t do either?)
Dumbell Decline Bench Press 3X 8
Dumbell Kickback 3X 8
Dumbell Flyes 3X 8

Wednesday Biceps and Back
Barbell Row 3X 8
Barbell Curl 3X 8( Have to drop the weight to about a third?)
Under hand Bentover row 3X 8
Incline Dumbell Curls 3X 8
One arm Dumbell row 3X 8
Reverse hand Barbell Curl 3X 8
T Bar row 3X 8

As you can see, everything more or less 3 sets 8 reps, which will move to 10, then I increase weight. Barbell Curl’s are not shifting, I struggle here too. Also, I seem to not be able to get good form with a SkullCrushers.

Also, back on legs and back, I use leg extensions, and not lunges. I tried Barbell lungeing and walking with dumbells, makes me wanna fall over, as each one hurts.

I seem to have an overall good routine going, I try to lift explosivly and take 5 to 6 secs to lower, my diet ain’t what it should be, and I haven’t been able to afford any supplements, I eat 3 normal meals and 3 bowls of oats, as he suggested. Maybe I’m not getting enough fuel in me?

What do you think?

Kind regards


Ahh, sorry.

Good to meet you too.
Thanks for replying



What are your goals?

I think three days a week is great for an over 35 lifter and probably anyone 30 and above or anyone really strong.

What are you goals? Powerlifting, Body building, losing fat? This will help us help you.

How long have you been lifting weights and what have you been doing before this program?

Were you in sports as a youngster?

Is your job physical?

Any injuries?

You say it hurts to do lunges, where does it hurt? Are you confident of your form in the lifts you are performing?

Looks like youve got plenty of volume. The one thing I would do for sure is: Do your big lifts first. Flat Bench, Close, Incline…,Rows then arms. That kinda thing. Ive never been a fan of bouncing around from a big to accessory back to big.

Hi Guys,
I’m 39 and started 2 years ago,my weight was 9 and a half stone. I was a smoker and used smoked weed.I hated sport at school and was bullied.I didn’t fight back fearing I wasn’t strong enough. However, I could out lift the strongest boy. I’ve always been usefull for carrying things, doing removals etc. I don’t have any goals other than to stay healthy. Basicaly I’ve found a replacement for my tobbacco. Erm…, bodybuilding is not a goal, but maybe getting bigger and stronger is. I guess power lifting looks interesting. Before this program, I did various routines, trying to find my way.

I did a 5x5 routine for 7 weeks, after, because I wasn’t going anywhere. After doing the 5x5, I spoke with this chap at work and asked what I was doing wrong. He figured that my reps were too fast. I told him I was doing all my workouts but not feeling any aches. I read that usualy, 2 days later always hurts. I did a workout and felt nothing. I wasn’t sore and didn’t ache?? He suggested that I lifted explosivly, held the weight for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower over 5 or 6 seconds. And, to do the workout he gave me.

Oh, I’m between jobs at the mo,I’m a janitor/cleaner.

63Galaxie, hi, could you edit my routine to put excercises into the right order, please?

Regards Mike:)

Needed to think carefully about the pain I get. From what I can make out, when I lunge, my quads really hurt, they sting. My balance is poor, this effects my form. I’ve reduced the weight , but then I feel that I’m not doing anything of use. Barbell or walking dumbbell is the same! I opt for leg extensions.

Also, the inside of my elbows get sore when I curl. This too is a sting. I don’t think that the row I do first causes fatigue. Just curling is difficult. Maybe, because I didn’t curl, I didn’t want be guns, I did more bench work to try and get a chest, and loose my skinny appearence. I’m now getting a belly on me:(


Some of the guys might have some suggestions as well, but if it were me Id do something like:

Flat Bench
Military, Seated or standing.
Laterals, Front, Side, Rear. Any or all of them will do a good job.
Skull crushers or Kick backs

Rows, Bent over, over or under handed or Tbar. I wouldnt care. I just get 6 - 8 sets between them.
If you can do Chins, I would. In fact, I do them before any other back work(If you can I wouldnt do more than 6 sets on the rows.).
On the Curls: I cant use a flat bar. It kills my elbows. So if your having trouble I would use Dumb Bells. Try to do them Hammer style(dont make your palms face you. In other words, like youd swing a hammer.) Try to get at least 3, but I dont think Id go over 6 sets.

Dead lifts
I would alternate one week heavy on one, light on the other.
Leg extensions. I cant lunge either.

On the skull crushers: I like to do them on a decline. Lay back bring the bar right over your nose (some guys call them nose breakers), when you go up push sorta backwards. When your arms are extended they should be above the top of your head. Away from you.

I cut some stuff out un till you get cookn. At our age Less Is More!

What galaxie wrote looks good, but I’ll add my 2 cents and if you guys find no value in it that is up to you.

I’d not do flies or front raises as these are over kill for anterior delts and chest and can lead to shoulder issues.

I’d not personally do heavy skull crushers as these usually lead to elbow problems. I’d do them light for reps 12 and above more to get a pump than anything.

The pain in your quads is probably your hip flexors. I’d look up the hip flexor stretch and do it often. I’d also learn the motor pattern of lunges, reverse lunges or step ups. I think unilateral (1 leg) leg work is very valuable. It keeps both legs the same strength and helps balance muscle.

I think every thing looks pretty good, other than I’d try to do as many upper body pulling as I was doing pushing. Lots of rows, pullups, pulldowns, face pulls.

Joints are a big deal the older you get.

Just my 2 cents.

I dont do flies ether. I dont mind front raises though. I tend to stay in the same rep range on the Crushers too.

So let us know how its going.