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Please Check Cycle and Help with PCT

i thought i was going to run a test/tren cycle but changed my mind. im going to do test eq instead
please look over this cycle and let me know your thoughts. imo its a solid cycle but i always suck at figuring out pct, i dont usually get gyno at all just itchy nips time to time when on cycle.

week 1-10 test 400 (1/2 cc mon & thurs)
week 1-10 boldabol 200 (1/2cc mon & thurs)
both substances will be mixed to help dilute the sting of the 400 =(

i originally was going to do 4 weeks dbol at start but decided not to as eq and dbol have quite similar chemical make up.

my question is about pct, what do you guys recommend?
i was thinking like this

week 12 100mgs clomid/day
week 13 & 14 50 mgs clomid/day
and shoot 5000iu hcg per week in weeks 3-6 and then again same dosages in weeks 9-12

any help greatly apreciated, as id like to start but want all my stuff togather before hand

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Basically your PCT timing is off. Boldenone has a long ester. You’ll want to start PCT close to 3 weeks AFTER the last EQ injection. Pick up a calendar and figure out when that it. Its certainly not week 12.

EQ and dbol are vastly different drugs regardless of their makeup.

200mg EQ per week is a waste

Why would you use 5000iu of hCG at once when 200iu 2x/wk works well? Start the hCG when you see fit and end it before PCT starts.

I think his thought is that he is using the EQ to cut the high mg/ml test, in order to reduce pain and swelling from solvents.

If that is the case, PCT would probably be simplified by just using some filtered oil instead, or perhaps another injectable with a half life comparable to the t400.

im running 200mg 2x per week, 400 total eq, and 400 test. i was just wondering how long and what dosages for hcg, i read that taking it too long (more than 4 weeks) at once can actually prolong the time it takes for natural test to get back to normal levels thats why i was going to do it twice through the cycle. and like i said i usually suck at making up pct’s but thanks alot for your guys input. this forums activity dramatically reduced since i last frequently visited in 07-08. i didnt post much but lurked and read alot


HCG: I personally use 250iu 3x/week sub-q, and starting with my first shot of AAS. I used testicular atrophy as a guideline for dosing HCG and found this to be a good dosing scheme for me. If you find this level to be ineffective, I would increase frequency and not dosage per injection

I might continue HCG 1 week after last EQ shot

SERM PCT to start approx 3 weeks after last eq shot.

I like shorter cycles, so I think that 13 weeks of suppression is too long, but I’m not you, and I don’t know how your body recovers from an AAS cycle.

[quote]c_guns77 wrote:
i originally was going to do 4 weeks dbol at start but decided not to as eq and dbol have quite similar chemical make up.

I thought this theory was killed over a decade ago.

Dbol is only similar structurally to equipoise but…

Then the molecule is changed 17aa to withstand the liver first pass.

This totally changes the chemical properties of the substance in the body. Totally