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Please Be a PhotoShop


This is photoshopped right?


I wish this was photoshop


Sometimes reality is cruel...




Of course it's photoshopped, have you ever seen anyone who actually looks anything like that?

The biggest mass monsters in the game still don't have that level of size.


Her level of muscularity is amazing but I just don't think it is attractive.

I admire the dedication but I sure kind of take it as a cautionary photo.


October... Me thinks she is using a little "assistance" along with her training. I would NOT worry about ever looking anything like that. Hell, as a guy I'm having a hard time getting to that level.


Oh I don't think she just stumbled into the manly-girl look. And that is what I meant, that she is going to whatever lengths she has to get to there and I sure hope she is happy with it.



I don't think that guy in the middle really has 4 arms


Mortal Kombat?


Haha. That pic is pretty funny.


hes just one of those myostatin freaks


Damn. You beat me to it!


so what about the horrible belly picture?

Can they really hang out like that?


I've never heard of bodybuilding shows with Jurassic Park logos hanging on the wall. What gives?


muscleosaurases, or sauri


Is anyone reminded of Carl in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie (waste of time)


I thought that was a nipple.

I doubt it is a photoshop, sadly.


oh a nipple! Well that would be better but still bad.


I didn't think the dude in the blue dress looked all that big.