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Please Ban Use of This Word


Can we please banish use of the word "hubby" from society? I don't think there is a more pathetic, unattractive, annoying, downright revolting, backwoods-sounding word than "hubby." PLEASE, just say "husband," or "my man," or "Ron," or "Jack" or whatever, but please do NOT stoop to saying "hubby." I beg this of you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ok Ron, or Jack, or whatever your name is.

Dude why be so uptight about it? It's a shortened cutsey little nickname. I wouldn't personally use it but I don't fly into a rage when I hear it. :wink:


There are some people who can call me hubby any time of the day.

Alas, they don't.


Oh, I'm not married, so it doesn't apply to me.

I don't exactly fly into a rage, it just makes my skin crawl. It's soooo cutesy that it's just one of those nauseating things, like hearing a couple call each other "poopsy" or "shnookums."

Yikes. :frowning:


The term "wifey" bothers me. There's a chick at work who's license plate says LILWIFEY on it and it makes me want to puke.


Before I ditched the ex, I called him The Hubster. As long as you don't have to answer, you shouldn't pay attention. They aren't talking to you.


Not the point. Like the "lilwifey" license plate, just hearing or reading it makes the skin crawl. (Kind of like second-hand smoke affects more than just the person who is smoking). :slight_smile:

Besides, what man would WANT to be called that?


Mine doesn't mind, therefore I will continue to use it. Thanks for your opinion.


Like I said, it's like second-hand smoke . . . .


I was always fond of, "My Bitch". It's what Bubba called me every night before he bent me over his bunk....


Um...wow, of all the things in this jacked up world to get worked up about...


If all you have to worry about in the world is someone using the term "hubby", then maybe you should think about volunteering some of your time at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Maybe that will give you some other things to think about.


You're right: that's all I have to worry about in the world. Nothing else. Just this. MERELY the use of the ever-annoying word "hubby." That's my only concern in life. If ONLY I could turn my attention to other things in the world, yet I just . . . can't . . . .

(As all those threads on politics and world issues will attest). :wink:

THIS is my ONLY concern, dammit!!!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!


I haven't thought about this to this extent yet (I have a lot of things to think about, be assured), but yes, every time I read or hear the word I feel a pressing urge to wash my ears out with soap and subsequently pick up something heavy. This does have some benefits, I guess, so feel free to use it from time to time...


I keep suggesting "thor" and other mythological gods, but all I get is a pat on the head and some consolation.
So I call her "shnookie pookie", and just hope she never reads the Atomic Dog that describes the term.


hubby is actually kinda funny to me when I hear a man use it to refer to another man (I live in Toronto)

made me laugh out loud!


My point is: what a silly thing to make an issue out of when there are a million other things our time would not be wasted on.


Posting on this forum itself anything but a question , the answer to which eludes you, is a waste of time. And if you think discussions arent a waste of time , well, thats what the guy who started the thread was trying to do. Start a discussion about something that interested him. If it annoys someone, then simply dont waste your time posting about it, because your time is precious, you superhero you.



I don't think you have the right to tell him how to spend his precious time. If he wants to spend it building houses out of cards or collecting stamps, more power to him. We can't all be overachievers who spend every waking moment doing good for all of mankind.


Well Damici, at least you posted under the right forum heading. Get A Life.

Seriously, get one.