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Please Attack Iran!


They are going into D.U.M.B.s (Qom) to do their nukes. Turn Iran into a desert or get nuked.

It is time.

from 2009..."It was three years ago that American intelligence agents began picking up signs that someone was tunnelling into the side of a mountain in the desert outside the holy city of Qom.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a year into his first term as Iranâ??s President and had just ordered the resumption of uranium enrichment, ending the two-year suspension demanded when the world first discovered the existence of Iranâ??s covert nuclear programme. It was Mr Ahmadinejadâ??s open defiance that caught the worldâ??s attention. But only months later, the covert defiance had begun again, too."


China is also working on carrier killer missiles, making our defenses obsolete. We should level all of that too, cancel all debts, bomb them back into the Stone Age.

Start WWIII and win, or wait for one of these spawns of Satan to start it, and lose.


Well, let's not be too hasty here. Nobody "wins" nuclear warfare.


Who do you think is going to turn Iran into a desert and start WWIII? Russia? They're going to slip through the Caucusus and capture the oilfields of Anatolia and Iran most likely. The only people crazy enough to carry out a nuclear first strike are the twelvers, Wahabist/Salafists in Pakistan and batshit man in North Korea. And yes the Dong Feng 21D missile system is a worry. But that's old news too.


@Headhunter i'd like to disagree with you but i feel your right in regards to one of THOSE countries attacking first. The problem is noone wins if ww3 breaksout. The arsenals of all these countries is terrifying beyond belief and would make both ww1+ww2 combined look like childs play!!


We always waited to be attacked before. If we do that this time, most of us will die. We have to choose between 20 million American dead, or 250 million American dead.


There are people who still believe Iran is going to blow up the world. I can only shake my head at this silly hysteria. Anyone remember how Saddam was supposedly going to do the same thing? Falling for the same trick twice. Unbelievable.


Then by all means. Throw on your ruck, grab your rifle and show us all how its done. Don't forget to have your kids enlist in the infantry too, so they can be used as cannon fodder.


So the purpose of this plan is to destroy the Earth? How does this plan benefit anyone? Do you truly believe we are all as miserable as you and wish for mass human suicide?


If your neighbor down the street said: "I am saving up to buy weapons to come and kill you. Nothing you say, nothing you do, will sway me from doing this."

What should you do? Wait until he kicks down your door, 12 gauge in hand?

When in doubt, kill them all. Kill them all or die. Choose.


You're fighting 'the last war'.

Our best hope for the survival of the USA is that Iran hits Israel first. Maybe then we'll wake up and wipe them (Iran) clean off the map.

Those Chinese missile have a range of 3000 km. Better take 'em out before their range is 12,000 (srs).


Only in PWI folks, only in PWI..

shakes head followed by a facepalm.


Are there? Please provide a source for this nonsense claim.

No I don't remember that. Please provide a source for this nonsense also.


Well that makes sense...not.

Never gonna happen.



What if you had beaten the crap out of your neighbor down the street's husband, and gotten him thrown in jail for something he didn't do. Then you install your drunken cousin Steve as the new Dad of the house and he beats the crap out of the kids and his new wife. Then they all rebel and hold Steve hostage as long as you swear on the bible, you will never interfere in their domestic affairs again. Then you pay the neighbor next door to them, to massacre all their children, and you give him guns to do it. They eventually beat up and brutally maim the neighbor, after having lost a bunch of children. Then you go and conquer the neighbors on both sides of them with guns pointed out their house...and now they are stock piling weapons.

I think that is a more accurate description using the neighborhood analogy when applied to US-Iran relations. We've tried your jingoist kill-em-all approach nincompoop, that's why we have these problems with Iran in the first place. I don't think staying down that course will get us anything else - but more problems.

In World War III, noone wins, everyone loses. You forget that even third world countries have nukes now?


I don't remember ever trying that approach. I remember the Iran/Azerbaijan crisis in '46 when Stalin refused to end Soviet occupation of Iranian territory and oilfields after repeated assurances. I remember the Soviet/Islamist petro-nationalisation movement and the Islamist/Soviet assassination of the pro-Western PM in '51. I remember Churchill's and later Eisenhower's support for the Shah and operation AJAX/TRAJAX project.

I remember the Iranian revolution and the hostage crisis. I remember Jimmy Carter fucking around for ages and the failed rescue attempt. I remember the support for Saddam in the Iran/Iraq war. The Iranian backed truckbombing of US Marine barracks in the Lebanon. The weapons for hostages. But I don't remember the 'kill-em-all approach' ever being taken.

HH was talking about the US launching a nuclear strike on Iran BTW. I think it's some sort of trolling attempt or something.


That's what the Iran-Iraq War was. USA prodded Saddam and enabled him to take down the Iranian's at all costs. It resulted in a million Iranians dead. It's the reason they all want us dead now.


Do they have a crystal ball? Is that why they kidnapped 52 US embassy staff BEFORE the Iran-Iraq war?


Russia hates Iran, the only reason they do business is because it's good economics. If a shit storm between Iran and the US or Israel happens the Russians will be the ultimate opportunists, watching from the side and picking the remains.


Oh, and an attack on embassy staff on sovereign US soil is an egregious act of unprovoked war. Jimmy Carter should've immediately declared war on Iran in Nov 1979.


Don't know what that has to do with what I said but yes you are correct. That is very likely what would happen.