Please Assess My Kettlebell Swing

I have been doing kettlebell training on and off for a while now, and was hoping to get some critiques on my form. Thanks for any help.

Here is a link I uploaded to my youtube

I’m not an expert in KB swings and rarely use it in programs. I’m not the best one to ask

Definitely no expert, nor do I exclusively train KB, but the things I have picked up from people with certs and alike is to swing like you would dead. Obviously use your hips, but set up like you would a deadlift. It looks like you use too much low back and not enough glutes and hips.

I recommend Mike Mahler or Steve Cotter for all your KB needs

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One thing you are doing right is not extending overhead, I see a lot of people doing that, but stopping when your arms hit parallel is more of the classic RKC style. Here are some tips I can give based on the video:

  • Keep your head neutral, don’t look up the whole time
  • Hike the bell further back, look up Dan John’s “Bulgarian Goat Belly Swing” to get a good primer of the motion
  • Stay TIGHT throughout the movement, you’re looking, as my old RKC coach used to say “flaccid.” The swing is a violent movement. Hike it back, load the hamstrings/glutes, immediately explode but then you have to brace your core to “catch” the bell and throw it back at the right time.

Check out some Youtube videos and try to find one by someone who is RKC certified to see the differences.

Thank you!

I think part of the problem is I haven’t done these in a while, and the only KB I have is 72lbs. I will focus on those points you outlined.