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Please assess my 12 week goal


I want to see if my goal for the next twelve weeks is going to be realistic.

Status: Actively training for 6 weeks now. I've gotten used to eating 6 times a day. I've been doing the EDT program with great success.

The first six weeks I've seen good improvements in my health. So I decided to get a fitness assessment at my local gym. My blood pressure is good, heart rate is good.

Here's what I found out:

315 lbs (215 LBM, 100 Fat)or 30.9% BF

I'll continue training EDT 3 times a week and I'm going to add 3 days a week of cardio.

In 12 weeks my goal is to drop 25 lbs of fat. Is this realistic?

What should I aim my calorie intake? I've been doing the T-Dawg 2.0 diet or a variation.

Keep in mind that I am very sensitive to carbs and I can put on fat quickly.


25lbs of fat in 12 weeks. Realistic?


I'd say try the mrp diet for a couple weeks, or the fat fast. I'm going on the mrp/fat fast in a couple weeks when I run out of my current protein, and order Grow and Surge


Yes that is a realistic goal you have set, just start to incorperate cardio three times a week for about 45 minutes on non workout days, and watch your diet T-Dawwg 2.0 is a great diet; I lost 15-20 of fat from this diet alone.

Good Luck


Well, I would say at that % of BF that in 12 week you could safely lose 25lbs or so of fat. Maybe not weight due to hopefully gaining LBM. But if you average roughly 2 lbs a week you got it.

As far as k/cals. You could go fairly server at first with the amount of fuel you carry on your body to preserve gains but will want to adjust as you go to slow the process and preserve gains. It depends on the amount of k/cals you are taking in now and the rate of loss you have been receiving on YOUR variation of T-dawg. How is that currently working?

I would say if you are losing in the 1-2 lb a week range now, you could safely drop your intake another 250-500 k/cal and monitor the progress.

Remember your progress is going to actually slow on its own as you lose fat, and wiegh less do to you needing less k/cal to survive and operate.

Without a little more detail on what you call your "Variation of T-dawg," and who it is working for you it is hard to nail a k/cal amount. Any # anyone would give you will be a rough starting point and a more acurate # could be reached with the use of that info.

Hope this helps some.



at 30% body fat you should be able to drop even more than that, so to answer your question 35lbs it well within reason.


Yes, this is realistic.

Its recommended that to maintain LBM while dieting, not to push it past 1-2 lbs of weight loss per week as some muscle loss will occur. The more fat you have, the less this is likely to happen. People with a serious weight problem can lose a lot of fat and not a lot of muscle.

If you are carb-sensitive and want to make sure that you lose bodyfat and not muscle, the T-Dawg 2.0 protocol is great (or some variation). If you limit your carb intake to post workout and keep carbs to a minimum on "off" days you should make some good progress. As far as the numbers are concerned, there are people on this board that will probably help you out and have the correct ratios already worked out.

A couple of things that will help:

Do cardio first thing in the morning for 30-45 minutes on an empty stomach. Take ECA/caffeine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine about 30 minutes beforehand. Do this every day; maybe 6 days a week. Its not tough to get up and do something like some kind of speedwalking, jogging, treadmill or bike. This doesn't have to be HIIT (as a matter of fact, this is supplementary to your "true" workout), just moderate. Since this isn't anerobic, you shouldn't be burning off muscle or causing a catabolic response in your body; this means its probably ok to wait 45 minutes to 1 hour before your first meal.

At this point eat normally until your workout. Have about 100 calories of some healthy carb (a low-GI fruit for instance) and then hit the weights. Immediately afterwards, have your dextrose/whey drink (Surge is pre-made for you) and consume it, diluted pretty good, over the course of about 20 minutes as to not overload your digestive system and slow it down. Perhaps 90 minutes later, have a sensible carb meal with protein/carbs and no fat. Take R-ALA with your carb meals as it will encourage glycogen storage rather than fat storage.

On your off days its probably best to keep carbs to close to 0 or have 1 meal in there that has a minimal amount; maybe 25-30g. This isn't much. You are talking about a small scoop of brown rice or something here. Get your cardio on this day, probably HIIT to keep it short and sweet (this on top of what you already did in the morning :-)). Of course, it can be another endurance session too but HIIT is effective and its different than the morning session... probably good to switch stuff up as much as possible.

Those are just a couple of ideas... as far as weight training, do what works. If EDT is working for you, keep it up! If you stall, switch it up for another program.

I'm sure there are plenty of people that will chime in here and provide more useful information, corrections (:-)), or numbers for you.

Good job and keep it up!


Phill and Lucid,

Thanks for the response. Lucid I like the idea of just walking for 30-45 minutes every morning.

I have a couple questions for you.

  1. What would be my daily nutrient needs? How many calories, protein, fat, and carbs?

Currently, my variation is 280-300 grams of protein, 120 grams of carbs (on my workout days), 30 grams of fat.

On non workout days my carbs are 40-60 grams, consumed in the morning.

  1. If I do a spinning class should I take Surge afterwards on my cardio days? Also, the spinning class lasts one hour. Would I be better served to limit this to 45 minutes or less?

  2. I'm taking Hot-Rox now and I seem to feel hot all the time. Is that good enough for a fat loss pill? FYI, Ephedrine stacks make me crash at around 4 PM so I'm not a fan of them.




If the macro breakdown you listed is correct then I would not lower your k/cals ANY MORE.

By those #'s you are only getting 1950k/cals a day on training days. At this level you should be losing fat by the truck load if not some LBM.

Also fat is a little low I would say @ 30g. Are you getting you omegas from fish/flax?

The fasted state cardio, in my opinion, is a great option. Just make sure not to overdo it or you are risking losing LBM. I highly suggest getting an HR monitor to track you heart rate and try and keep it between 65-75% of MHR. This really doesn't take much. One great form of fasted cardio I am a fan of and gives me great results is moderate paced weighted walking. Throw some plates or what not in a back pack and head out. This allows you to keep the pace down a little lower somewaht saving the knees and such as compared to jogging and still get the HR up.

I know I havent given you the k/cal estimate you are asking for yet. I would still like to know how much you are shedding at your current intake. Really any # I give would be a blanket starting point without knowing your current loss rate and k/cal intake. Do you track your cals???

hope this helps.




I started working out 6 weeks ago. I was eating around this 2000-2400 calorie mark a day. All the while I was weight training 4 times a week.

Formerly being in good shape only 3 years ago my muscle and strength has been coming back quickly.

That being said, at the beginning of the six weeks my scale weight was 320. Now it is 314. However, keep in mind that I am loaded with creatine and have been building muscle. If I had to guess my weight loss in the first 6 weeks has been 15 lbs fat/water weight. While putting back on 10 lbs muscle.

I wish now I had kept better records in the beginning. I did start eating more calories because I was feeling really weak, however almost all of these come during, and 2 hours after my workout.

I hope that helps.


Phill and Lucid,

My updated diet and training:

I've been very consistant with 2700/300/100/100 on my non training days and 3060/300/180/100 on my training days. The carbs before, during, after my workout help me feel a lot better.

I have 2 more weeks on my second phase of EDT. I've experienced a great increase in strength.

I've read the articles about the Meltdown Training. The articles suggest doing the Meltdown after a strength phase. Am I correct in saying that EDT is a strength phase?

Would you recommend Meltdown training as the next step? If not, which program might best suit my goals?





Sounds good.

How are you progressing in the body comp? Any idea yet.

As far as the training, and which program. I have never done the meltdown routine but many ppl have reported great results from it. So I would say it would be a solid choice.

Another I would consider would be ABBH. Quite a few ppl including tt and myself have used this program for both cutting and bulking with great results.

Just another option for you. I would say the main thing is simply that you just pick a solid program you enjoy and will stick to.

Keep us posted on how it is going.




I've got 3 more weeks on EDT and I think I'll be looking for another program because my muscles will be pretty used to it by then.

As far as my body comp goes, I think my muscle memory is helping a lot. My arms, chest, and back have gotten bigger. In fact, while I have been managing my nutrition and eating less, my stretch marks are coming back in my chest. Simultaneously, the stretch marks are leaving my belly. I'm almost ready to knock down my last belt notch. I think that will happen in 2-3 weeks.

ABBH might be a better next step. That will bulk my up more. Then finish it off with the Meltdown. I don't know but I'll be thinking about it.