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Please Analyze My Diet

I am 17, 165 lbs, 6-8% bf. I workout twice a day M-F for about 30 minutes each and occasionally on Saturdays. I am a powerlifter and do not wish to gain or lose any weight. I must be able to make 169 weight class in March. Any input, suggestions, criticisms, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks
Mon - Fri
6:30 Wake up
7:00 Multivitamin, 2 MD6, Morning Shake consisting of 2 Scoops Grow blended w/ tbls of Udos choice & OJ, a bowl of oatmeal or cereal.
10:00 Morning Workout (I will occasionally take powerdrive before depending on workout)
10:45 Protein Bar and Cranberry, Grape, or Apple Juice mixed w/ creatine
1:00 Fairly big sandwich (usually tuna, turkey, or roast beef) on wheat bread, fruit, and some sort of snack (wheat thins, goldfish, nutrigrain bar, etc.)
4:00 2 MD6, 1 scoop Powerdrive
4:30 Afternoon workout
6:00 Post meal shake consisting of 1 scoop grow, 1 scoop whey, cranberry and grape juice, and creatine.
8:00 1 tbsp of Beyond Greens with a basic dinner consisting of some sort of meat and occasionally a salad.
11:00 Bedtime shake consisting of 1 scoop grow, 1 scoop met-rx protein, skim milk, 1 tbsp Udos choice.
11:30 Go to sleep
Sa & Sun
12:00 Wake up
12:30 Multivitamin, Breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, etc
3:00 Some sort of high protein meal
7:00 Another meal of pretty much whatever
11:00 Another meal
12:00 Sleep

I don’t take md6, udos choice, or beyond greens on weekends, and only have an mrp post workout if I workout on saturday. I also will take some creatine sometime during each day. Generally on the weekends my meals arent as nearly as strict as during the week and i will occasionally have fast food, etc on weekends.
That is pretty much it. Also do I need to vary my diet from week to week?. Keep in mind I am not really trying for a bulking or cutting diet, I just want to maintain what I am currently at. Once again thanks for all the input.

How do you fit two workouts in per day… are you working two different muscle groups because if not you may be overworking yourself…

I read in M&F mag that two workouts a day will increase muscle but I don’t have the time to do it unless i feel liek getting up at some ungodly hour.

awesome dedication sounds liek ur def getting all ur protein gram to pound ratio

i never liked eating stuff after 7 so i could metabolize better but obviously u don’t have that problem with such lil body fat.

if u can keep this up good luck
tuna is really good u can take that instead of protein shakes and egg whites too unless u already do and I just miss read, I hate doing that!!