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Please Advise with TRT


I started working with a nutritionist in aug of 2014. He took me from 152lbs to about 170lbs until we hit a plateau. So he asked me to have a lab test done to just b sure. Test came back and my TSH level was 5.46 and my testosterone was 378ng/dl so he suggested i should c a urologist. Well i got kinda excited realizing that this may all b the reason for my slow gains and constant belly/hip fat. Went to c the urologist today and he put me on testosterone cypionate with HCG and Synthroid. They showed me how to do the injections and i actually injected the testosterone cypoinate myself.

Everything was fine until i got home and started researching all these things and came across this site and reading the stickies from KSman and started freaking out. Thinking about this now i regret my decision. What if the TSH is the reason for my low test, and i do not wanna b on TRT for the rest of my life either. I Read about all the side effects of TRT. The doctor ordered his own blood samples, which was almost 5 vials, so i do not have those results yet (i will ask for copy). Why did he not ask me to take any AI for example which i read on ur stickies.

Should i now not even bother picking up the test and hcg and only get the synthroid? But if i do not get the test and hcg, what about the fact that i have already injected myself today with the dose of testosterone cypoinate, will my testicles now stop producing their own test. All i wanted was to treat my thyroid problem and low test problem. Of course with the fact that gym gains and fat lost would also b nice. Any advise would help, i'm totally freaking out now to the point that i can not sleep. Please advise

*update: the doctor called today and i had a much better convo with him. so i have decided to go ahead and use the synthroid, 200mg of TC and HCG for the next 2 months until my next blood work. He also told me that he prescribed stuff called grhp2-grhp6-sermorelin i belive they r peptides. What do u think, am i going in the right direction?
also i took the 200mg TC at the office on tuesday and wont get the HCG until today or friday so thats a 2-3 day diff. should i use the HCG when i get it or just wait until next tuesday when i'm ready for the next TC injection?

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KSman is Here

wow, no one? not even 1 reply?



Do you have IGF-1 labs that indicate a growth hormone deficiency?

Please post the labs then ping me via the KSman is here thread.

Have you always used iodized salt? See the thyroid basics sticky and check and post body temperatures as suggested.


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Can’t say much more. Do not even know your age etc. When you post labs, please include lab ranges. We typically wan to find out why T is low and address that. Low T is often the symptom, not the root cause.

LH/FSH [hope that you got that done already, too late now]
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol
PSA if over 40


ok i’m currently 31 years of age and attached r the blood results i got back from the urologist
sorry computers r not my specialty, so i just took pictures with my iphone off the screen


heres the second set of results

age 31
height 5’11
waist: 31
average amount of body hair
most fat is in my stomach and waist area
really no health conditions i’m aware of (hate cold weather tho)
no rx or otc
diet is 6 meals: protein sources r egg whites, chicken breast, beef twice a week and sometimes shrimp, carb sources r white rice and white potatoes, veggies with each meal and fruits twice a day
lift weights 5 times a week
no testes ache ever (unless blue balls)
morning wood is not as common anymore


Still need the other labs that I suggested. Your urologists world view is very narrow. May need to do labs elsewhere or order on your own.

You have secondary hypogonadism. So it is more in you head and your euro may be out of his league.

You might try a HPTA restart. Search that phrase here and more in stickies.

Please address all items in my prior post and read the stickies.


Can hardly read some of that, you could have typed it in.

I think that your fT3 may be below mid-range.

Have you always used iodized salt? See the thyroid basics sticky and check and post body temperatures as suggested.
You get cold easily?

IGF-1=185 would be OK, so pituitary issue may be limited to LH/FSH. Your LH/FSH is not low because of prolactin, so you do not have a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma [tumor]. When did problems start and did you have a blow to the head or whiplash prior?


to b honest i never had any issues at all other than not packing on mass in the gym like my buddies did. so i saw the nutritionist who advised me to do the blood test.

but here r the results typed out:

T3 UPTAKE 20.0 - 38.5 % 28.2
T4 TOTAL 4.4 - 12.4 UG/DL 8.3
FTI 1.05 - 4.50 2.34

PROLACTIN 3.0 - 30.0 NG/ML 5.9

SOMATOMEDIN-C 84 - 313 NG/ML 185 (igf-1)

HEMATOCRIT 37.0 - 49.0 % 42.9

HEMOGLOBIN 13.0 - 17.0 G/DL 14.6

HDL >39 MG/DL 55

DHEA-S 1419 - 3867 ng/ml 2863
SHBG 10 - 55 nmol/L 23
ESTRADIOL 0.5 - 5 ng/dl 2
TESTOSTERONE LEVEL 200 - 1000 ng/dl 245

never had any head issues or traumatic head injuries.

i became aware of iodine few years back but honestly didn’t seek out for it until maybe about a year ago or so, and even that not as consistent as i should. in the meanwhile i will take my temp and report back.