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Please Advise the Proper Way to Get Off TRT

As the title states, i need help on how to properly get off TRT.

I was dosing eod 20ml…ive missed about 2 doses so far.


  1. how long do i wait until i attempt to restart my natural production?

  2. what drug and dose and duration do i follow to restart my natural production?

  3. having been on trt for 3 years, will i ever be able to live naturally without it? I have heard from others once you take trt for a specific period, you are basically bound to it for life as your own body will never be able to recover and produce naturally again…is that true? (I was borderline low test when i started, and that was enough for the doc to start me on trt)

Thanks in advance for the help

Just go without exogenous T and eventually you will end up where you started. Not rocket science. Your body will go back to baseline.

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Pretty much.

You could try Clomid for a couple of weeks if you wanted to

Yes eventually it will but with a lot of unnecessary prolonged suffering compared to taking clomid and avoiding a super low t state for weeks.

  1. If long estered test, wait at least three weeks… during that 3 weeks take HCG 250iu eod
  2. After three weeks start nolvadex regimen
  3. You may recover fine. Unknown

What is the nolvadex regimine?

I mean I guess if you can get your doctor to prescribe it then yeah it might help and it might make you feel worse. If its black market then no guarantees at all. It also sounds like you are a week in and still trying to decide what to do.

It will all be legit pharm quality grade stuff. I dont wouldnt mess with anything else.

How would it make me feel worse?

I have missed my last 2 eod doses. But i still got plenty in my system.

You are right i am on the fence but i am almost certain i am going to come off…at least until my hair grows back. Then i may start again this time with a different protocol…perhaps once every 2 weeks or once a week.

There are a couple out there. 40/40/20/20 is popular. As in 40mg Ed first week, same second, then 20mg Ed last two weeks.

Some people dont do well on Clomid or HCG. Make them feel like shit.