Hi T-Men,
I’ll be starting a 12h/day job soon. I’ve constructed the following workout. Pls. provide feedback on if it sucks, and how you’d improve it:

Upper Day: 1) 3 sets of chins 2) 5x5 incline bench 3) 5x5 lat pulldowns 4) 5x5 arnolds 5) 3 sets of 12 overhead tricep press 6) 3 sets of 12 dumbell curls 7) 3 sets of 12 dumbell pullovers 8) 3 sets of hanging leg raises

Lower Day: 1) 5x5 full squats 2) 3 hi rep sets of sissy squats 3) 5x5 leg curls 4) 3 sets of 12 standing calf raises 5) 3 sets of swiss ball crunches

Q1: I intend to do one upper and one lower workout per week. Is that enough to keep and continue improving my muscle growth and neuromuscular efficiency? If not, what’s the minimum?

Q2: Also, it doesn’t look like I’ll have much time to do cardio. Will the above workout also provide sufficient cardiovascular benefits, given I do get quite winded when I lift???

Q3: A lot of the Biotest supps seem to have a lot of “crossover” benefits. If I’m on a budget, but my main consideration is staying as strong, muscular and lean as possible (mass secondary), what’s my best bang for buck (I already take creatine)???


You might want to consider moving abs (and maybe even arms) to your lower body day. Thirty sets is quite a bit for one day. If I was only training twice per week, I would be implementing a lot more core lifts with total body in both sessions. Squats, snatches, cleans, deadlifts, presses, etc.

Since you’re more interested in strength than mass, I’d suggest a system more along the lines of Pavel’s PTP. If you go to his website and look under the articles section there is a new 5x5 routine that has just been posted, it looks like it would be good for someone with training and recovery time restraints.