Please Advise on Chest

[quote]mbdix wrote:
I just get the impression you really have a tendency to want to ‘tweak’ things, and change things up. [/quote]
Maybe, but if I do, it’s only because on some level, I expect most beginners (probably most people asking for help in general) to need a change from what they’re doing. Certainly not always, but more often than not. Also, after seeing his training week laid out, I won’t say told 'ya so. :wink:

Reactive Pump is intense straight-up bodybuilding. If you can follow it as closely as possible (the recommended nutrition, supps, and training), you should do fine. However, that’s light years from where you are now, in terms of intensity, volume, pretty much everything.

I think a more reasonable transition is appropriate. Something like this is a very basic start:

Something along those lines should sort out your lifting while you address your shoulder (are you doing specific rehab or just letting it heal more on its own without making it worse?) and continue the fat loss (which will come from keeping your diet on point and the boot camp stuff).