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Please Advise, Cutting Diet/Progress


so i've been cutting for about 2 months now to get my abs to show, i'm 5 feet 5 and 140 pounds. i consume about 1200 calories a day, since i'm cutting and i really want my abs to show. Please advise if 1200 calories a day is sufficient.

In addition, please look at my progress picture and advise how long is it going to take my abs to pop. Thanks


How much progress have you seen in these two months? Where did you start (weight and/or "before" pic)?

It might be "sufficient" if you've been seeing steady results each week, but 1200 calories is really low for a 140-pound guy who trains hard several days per week. The breakdown of those calories (like if you're doing low-or-no carbs) is also a factor.

What does your training look like? Days, exercises, sets, reps, cardio.

These articles talk a bit about why you don't want to go too low calorie:

A couple weeks, maybe a few weeks, probably just a little while. Really, that's a vague question that's tough to answer, especially without details of where you're coming from/what you've done so far.

If you were 160 two months ago or if you were 145 two months ago, that's a big of a difference. Or if you're doing currently lifting four days a week and doing an hour on the treadmill everyday vs lifting three days a week and the only cardio is walking 10 minutes to and from the gym.