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Pleasant Staff at Biotest

What started out as an extremely annoying experience turned into a really nice one, thanks to Mary (my apologies if you spell your name differently), who answered the phone when I thought I had a problem with Paypal (which I am still rather annoyed at Biotest for using, as I experience problem after problem with this unreliable entity nearly every time I am forced to use them, this time included. But this is not about them…)

I just wanted to let Biotest’s customers and staff know that I am very, very pleased with the warm, attentive, friendly treatment I received from Mary.

She was obviously genuinely interested in my concerns and our discussion digressed into another more interesting one completely unrelated to the subject at hand, almost without my even noticing we had ceased discussing ordering problems.

All issues were resolved and I feel even better about this company than I previously did, and that is saying a lot.

Great work Mary. I hope all Biotest employees are as nice as you. And I hope Tim gives you a raise.

If anybody else has any good experiences from Biotest, feel free to bump this with your own story.

Shawn Deats

ooohh yes!

I’ve been working with her for several years now, never had anybody nicer in the whole industry.

Every time I call the hotline I get somebody nice.

It must be all the good clean living…yea right.