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Plazma vs Surge vs Mag 10

Trying to get the most bang for my “peri-workout nutrition” buck. If I can only afford one, which one should I roll with? To consider:

-They all have the cyclic dextrin.

-Plazma is missing the betaine and beta alanine that surge has, Also does it have the full 6g of citrulline that surge has?

-But surge doesn’t have the hydrolyzed protein.

-And the carb/protein ratio is totally different in Plazma and Mag 10.

This thread is more appropriate for the Biotest Supplement Advice forum. Repost over there for more info, but in a nutshell, “best bang for buck” workout nutrition would be Surge Workout Fuel.

Thanks Chris! I reposted there. Only problem with the surge is miss out on all that great protein. (I’m currently using Plazma and I love it). So I’m not too worried but was curious if the experts thought I could be going a better route. Did you suggest the surge main because it is half the cost of Plazma?

Just saw that other thread. I’ll toss replies over there. Real quick, Surge Workout Fuel is less expensive with some similar/some different ingredients, so it’s a decent compromise when the budget is tight.