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Plazma: Timing Digestion Before Hard Workouts


I did a quick forum search and didn’t find a similar question. I usually drink .5-1 servings of Plazma as I leave work to head to the gym. That’s about 30 minutes of incremental ingestion. By the time I reach the gym, I try to kill off the remainder of my servings during the workout (although sometimes I don’t finish).

During the end of a hard workout yesterday, I pushed myself to nausea and noticed most of what I projected out was Plazma I consumed. I’m aware of the suggested periods of ingestion, however does it benefit me more to start ingesting 1-1.5 hours prior to the gym or kill an entire serving at that 30 minute mark instead of tiny sips along the way.

Obviously there are numerous variables at work here, along with the “suck it up bro, I’m a ranger seal sniper and your workout wasn’t hard.” Yes, You are much stronger and tougher than me. I merely wanted to inquire about what stage of ingestion is most beneficial to me during my workout. It could just be a one time fluke. Just curious on what you all have experienced.

Sorry for the long read.

Plazma/ SWF user here. I’m wondering how much fluid your drinking with each serving? Or all together, during this workout? “Pushing myself to nausea” sounds like hard conditioning work; Volume of fluid + 1000 burpees= projection of said fluids ?
Personally, I drink about a gallon, pre and during training; mostly hard, heavy lifting, and I do fine.

I also wonder if the nutrients in Plazma/SWF are ‘soaked’ up into the bloodstream so fast, that you mainly lost the water and coloring left in your stomach? Are you really worried that you’ve wasted the money/dose of the stuff? Things happen.

I bet you’ll be fine next time.

Best of luck, and train hard.

Stupidly, I’ll admit, I don’t consume as much water during the workout…because my water bottle is filled with Plazma. I’m not worried I’m wasting it. With a lower carb diet, Plazma has worked wonders during workouts to keep my energy going.

So to answer your question. Mediocre volume of fluids prior…low volume of fluids during…and you nailed it…burpees were what crushed me.

I’ll up the liquids consumption during the workout. A few sips of Plazma every now and then during strength training works, but during conditioning I should alter it.

I appreciate the response, sir.

F**king Burpees man; funny!

I do know that too Little fluid, with Plazma, will cause some people grief also; I go with the label + a little extra. Just need to find that sweet spot I suppose.

And don’t do Burpees:)

Rock On.

Follow on question for 200 points:

Have you killed your serving by the midway point through your workout? Or are you finishing it up right until the end?

Sure thing; here’s my usual breakdown.

Wake up, start to train within the hour; no meal. 1 dose Plazma before lifting starts, 1 Plaz+ 2 Surge during 2 hours of training; most at the front/middle of workout, always finish before the end.

I have the Plaz/Surge in the 2000ml. bottle; fill it, and drink it in about 3-4 portions from there. Yes, it’s A LOT of fluids, but I’m used to it, doesn’t cause any issues, and hydration is important!

John Meadows Reactive Pump write up is worth reading, if you haven’t yet. Great article, and training of course.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info mate. I’ll check on that article.