PLAZMA Reactive Pump


Plazma™ Reactive Pump is for elite athletes and serious bodybuilders and lifters whose hard-working muscles require advanced nutritional support. The Plazma™ formula produces a high-performance pump making muscles fatigue resistant and stronger during the most brutal workouts and competitions. Plazma™ doses enable you to perform at and beyond your limits while recovering faster, and faster recovery means faster and more significant gains.*


  1. Increases muscle gain by 70% over whey hydrolysate (Demling RH, 2000).*
  2. Doubles fat loss over whey hydrolysate (Demling RH, 2000).*
  3. Enhances nutrient uptake in muscle, directly affecting AMP-activated protein kinase signaling in the cell (Iwasa M, 2020).*
  4. Improves VO2 max performance significantly and reduces exercise-induced muscle soreness (Saunders MJ, 2009).*
  5. Makes intense exercise actually feel easier (Furuyashiki T, 2014).*
  6. Increases levels of powerful metabolic regulator FGF-21, which improves insulin sensitivity in muscle (Fangmann D, 2020).*
  7. Increases VO2 max time to exhaustion by 70% in elite swimmers (Shirak T, 2015).*
  8. Decreases stress hormone levels following exhaustive exercise (Suzuki K, 2014).*
  9. Provides rapid hydration and nutrient loading without increasing gastric emptying time (Takii H, 2004).*
  10. Increases endurance to fatigue by 27% over glucose supplementation and doesn’t spike insulin in comparison (Takii H, 1999).*

You can’t push the body past where it begins to break down without devastating consequences. However, if you preload and pump working muscles full of critical nutrients, you can significantly boost performance while minimizing damage and inflammation. You can train harder and recover faster.

Taking Plazma™ doses — before, during, and after training — keeps muscles pumped full of the key nutrients for maximum performance and enhanced recovery. The term for this muscle-engorging effect is called the “reactive pump.” The reactive pump makes muscles hyper-responsive to nutrient uptake and growth signaling, producing unbreakable performances in the gym and competitions.

Here’s Feedback from Two Fitness Legends: Dave Tate and John Meadows.

“You get leaner almost daily while gaining muscle and strength.”

When Biotest CEO Tim Patterson first asked me about trying Plazma™ dosing, I was extremely skeptical. But I took him at his word, gave it a shot, and was completely blown away by the results. In fact, I contribute much of my recent success to Biotest’s Plazma™ formula. It flat out works. You get leaner almost daily while gaining muscle and strength. It’s nuts.

I feel like the Plazma™ protocol buys me considerable leeway. I can basically screw up my diet everywhere else, and as long as I take this supplement, I’ll meet my body’s needs and grow. That’s a huge plus for me. I have enough to think about, so the last thing I want is to be stressed about what I eat. It’s nice knowing that as long as I have Plazma™ during my workout, I can basically cruise through the rest of the day. So if anything, this workout protocol is a huge stress reliever.

— Dave Tate

“I feel like I’m unbreakable.”

Testing the Plazma™ formula, I did things that I’d never advise anybody to do, like crazy intensity and insane volume. I didn’t cramp up, I didn’t get sore, and I got these mind-blowing pumps.

For the next three weeks, I kept training like this and eating a lot to see how much muscle I could gain. Getting leaner wasn’t even on my mind. So when my body fat dropped from about 9 percent to 5 or 6 percent, it was pretty much by accident.

It was so amazing. All I have to do is follow the Plazma™ protocol and go to the gym and train my ass off, which I love to do. That’s it. And to think, I pretty much got in shape by accident.

— John Meadows


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