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Plazma, Indigo-3G and Micro-PA Protocol on Less Intense Workout Days


Most of the info about Plazma is male specific. I am not completely convinced the heavy carb load will not make a female athlete fat. I have the time to give it a try and so far I am pleased with the results. I am wondering what the suggested protocol is for my active recovery day. My current training program is 3-on, 1- active recovery, 2-on, 1- rest

Active recovery is Cardio HIT 15 sec high/45 moderate for 15 mins followed by 15 mins moderate, core program takes about 30 mins and 20 mins of physique posing practice. I am wondering if this is “intense” enough to use the same supplement protocol as I do on my lifting days (1.5-2 hours + core and cardio)?

Let me know if you need more info.


This topic would be more appropriate over in the Plazma Users forum where you can see more specific advice from people using Plazma, so check there too.

Pretty much every coach agrees that carbs taken around training (like immediately before and during lifting, as recommended with Plazma) is the best and most efficient time to give your body carbs. The types of carbs and protein in Plazma are also intentionally designed to be preferentially burned as fuel, so they basically don’t get a chance to be stored as fat when used properly. So if an athlete gains fat, it’s not from the Plazma.

Plazma is ideally suited to lifting workouts. For cardio sessions and workouts like you’re talking about, either Mag-10 or Surge Workout Fuel would be better choices.

The lower overall intensity and shorter duration (1.5 - 2 hours lifting plus other stuff vs about 1 hour total of HIIT other stuff) don’t require as much fuel, so Plazma would be overkill.

The Indigo-3G and Micro-PA could stay the same though, as long as you’re having some kind of workout nutrition during those “active recovery”/cardio sessions.