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Plazma for Older Women?

I am 55, work out 3x per week with weights, 60 to 90 minute sessions. I use one scoop of Plasma for workouts, then Mag10 post workout.

Getting ready to order - so just want to know if I should stick with the above, or move to something that is for less heavy/serious lifters?

Thank you!

Plazma isn’t dosed by age or even gender. It’s a matter of your size and the type (volume and intensity) of training you’re doing.

A 55-year old woman training with 16 sets per bodypart five days a week could use two scoops of Plazma per session. A 28 year old, 220-pound guy doing 12 light sets of total body work three times a week might only use one.

It sounds like your current plan is on point. If you notice soreness creeping in or general recovery issues, there’d be no problem adding a second scoop. You can also ask more specific questions in the Plazma Users Forum.