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Plazma for Neural Charge workouts?



Wondering what your advice for peri-workout nutrition would be for short workouts--15 minute charge up workouts or 25-30 minutes workouts. I know a couple years ago before plazma you posted several guidelines, but figure you may have changed thought process on them. Intuition says 15 minute workout would likely be a waste of Plazma, but wondering what your thoughts are on:

Neural charge workouts

20-30 min HIIT with sprinting OR sled OR weights

20-30 minute miniature olympic lifting workouts--1 lift only, strength oriented not neural charge base, so slower pace to a max 1,2, or 3RM.


Here’s my guideline… if your goal is adding as much mass and strength as possible, as long as there is a “strength” component to the workout go with PLAZMA. If the workout is that short. One scoop pre is enough.

If the workout has no strength component to it (sprints, cardio, HIIT) then MAG-10 is enough.