Plazma Dosing- 30-10-30 . Book Instruction Unclear to Me

I’m getting ready to follow the 30–20-30 program. Can anyone explain the dosing instrutions in the book? The instructions on the Plazma package are clear, but different than the book.
What does Dr. Darden mean by 4 x500 mean? 500 of what? Water or the powder? Does the number 4 mean 4 x a day? When is it taken ? Before and during the workout like the Plazma package says?

I never did the Plazma dosing but there should be an area in the book that spells it out quite clearly. I think it’s taking about a dose which is indicated by the Plamza package and the 500ml is the amount of water. I’m looking at page 52.

The Plazma package says to use 500ml water per serving, so I would imagine it is recommending 4 servings.

I also don’t understand the recommendation for 4 servings per day though. Plazma is intra-workout nutrition so it should be used as written in the usage directions. I see no purpose to consuming this product more than an hour prior to training, or at any period after training.

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I followed the Plazma and Mag-10 dosing on the exact same schedule as written in the book. You drink one serving of Plazma in the morning, one pre-workout, one intra-workout, and one before bed. Mag-10 is taken first thing in the morning, mid morning, after noon, and before bed.

What I liked to do to make things easy was to make it up the night before and stick it in the fridge. So put 2 servings in each of the 2 bottles provided, drink your morning serving, which is half the bottle, and put it back in the fridge to drink at night. Bring the second bottle with you to the gym, drink half of it on your way there or before you leave and then drink the other half while you’re working out. It’s pretty easy once you’re used to it and it tastes really good as well. If you follow the link in the book, that special gives you enough Plazma and Mag-10 for the whole program as written.

Thank you. Any recommendations for a Mag-10 substitute? It’s currently unavailable. Thanks

If Mag-10 is not available, you can use Plazma for the entire program.

Thank you