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Plazma Consumption During Workout

Dr. Darden, in your booklet, you recommend consuming a Plazma dose as quick as possible. Prior to the workout I get it, but you are supposed to consume a dose during the workout…should this be sipped throughout the workout or consumed completely at the start of it. Post workout, immediate consumption of the entire dose? I have the booklet, I have the doses and am ready to go subject to your clarification.

Maybe I’ve missed it on here but I haven’t seen much about this Plazma supplement. I’ve been reading some of the testimonials about this Plazma stuff and it seems to be the magic elixir everyone has always wanted! What’s the story on it? Is it really that good!!?

I will let you know in about three weeks.

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Mix four scoops of Plazma in 2,000 mL of water and flavor it appropriately. Drink 500 mL of it 20 minutes before your workout. Drink another 500 mL of it during your workout. Then, drink 500 mL approximately 20-30 minutes after your workout. The last 500 mL of Plazma is consumed before you go to bed.

You do something similar with Mag-10 on your off days.

Plus, you still eat your normal foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

@entsminger, look into the Biotest store.

Only ingredient in that I’m familiar in that is Citrulline Malate and if you’re looking for an increased pump, it definitely works. I make my ‘pump pre-workout’ from the Citrulline Malate 2:1 at 6 grams, L-Argentine at 5 grams , a touch of Cayenne Pepper and flavoring to be able to even think about drinking it … or used cranberry juice to mix it in instead of water. The Citrulline is sour but no worse than pure lemon juice. The problem is the Argentine as it’s bitter as hell … rivals an ephedrine tablet for worst taste.

Don’t go overboard with the Cayenne or you’ll choke just on the fumes from it in the glass after blending . I get both from Nutricost on Amazon and even if used daily, last a good while.

I think what he may be getting at is, how are you drink the dose DURING the workout , since you are moving to next exercise(s) in less than 30 seconds and less as you progress! Correct Dr. Darden?

You have to drink quickly as you move fast between exercises. My son Tyler mastered it after a couple of sessions. It also helps to have a training partner helping with the time and the bottle.

lol… once I get to 25 and 20 second breaks between sets, I plan to put small plastic glasses at each station to chug before each set… (saves time of opening and closing bottle and carrying it around)

It’s only 500ml during the workout. Not a big deal. Settle down guys.

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You’re right lol but 20 seconds is short depending on how far apart machines are. Just having fun. Keeping it light.


I keep forgetting to mention that with collection of equipment, you could work in the pullover machine into your 30-10-30 workouts.


so, as you know, obviously, tomorrow challenge #3so my plan is 1. Leg curls 2. leg press 3. Decline Bench 4. Rows (replaced with pullover?) 5. Super Incline 6. Biceps Curls (or would I add pullover as a 7th exercise?) Please and Thanks! :slight_smile: Your time and help are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

I keep forgetting to mention that with collection of equipment, you could work in the pullover machine into your 30-10-30 workouts.

== Scott==
And I keep forgetting to ask about my pullover reps. It seems the long range of the pullover naturally takes longer than 30 seconds if done at the really slow pace like I’m guessing it should be done. How should I compensate for that , shorten the range or speed it up some ?

Do pullovers instead of rows.

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Speed it up some.

Would you recommend the 10 degree chest instead to Barbell Bench press for this protocol?

As regards Nautilus pullovers, be cautious of excessive shoulder stretching. I personally do not exceed an upper arm position parallel to the ground. I also stop the downward movement when the arms are even with the torso.
An interesting side note, today I completed refurbishment of my Nautilus Next Generation abdominal machine (glass smooth).

Furthermore, I did a pre-exhaust of the abdominals with my newly refurbished Nautilus abdominal machine followed immediately by the Nautilus pullover. The 30/10/30 methodology was utilized per Dr Darden’s protocol. Refurbishing Nautilus machines are so much fun!

I’d say to do them both eventually.

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this is bit tricky indeed to drink because have to do and think so many things. I m at 2nd met challenge, chose weights on the lower side. To do all non-stop is great cardio challenge. By last exercise, even it is easy weight, it is tough to perform.