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Plazma and Other Biotest Products


So I’m curious about PlaZma because I could really use a peri-workout a lot of the time. Also curious about some of the others and what people’s experiences have been.


Plazma is plain awesome. I have yet to find anything that works as well, let alone better. Tastes great too. Haven’t used any other Biotest products.

What sets Plazma apart for me is that even using small amounts, I find a noticeable difference in performance during training. I can start squatting feeling average, but if I’m sipping on Plazma while I warm up by the time I hit my top set I’m feeling great. Doesn’t happen with other intra workouts I’ve used.


I like them all. They work and do what they are suppose to do.

At 51, Plazma is a game changer. Period.


So I just ordered some Plazma, Rez-V, and ZMA. The Plazma was really the only one I had a bit of heartburn on the price as the other two are comparable to what I’ve been paying for other brands. Wisdom is known by her children though and we’ll see how good it is.


It’s a game changer, especially if your nutrition for the day has been subpar. The performance increase is certainly a benefit, but for me the flexibility it provides is huge. I only take once scoop, 1.5-2 rarely and only if it’s going to be a huge session. I get great results at 1 scoop.


Take a look at this thread over on the Biotest forum where people talked about the what’s and why’s for their Top 5 Biotest supps. Plazma is pretty consistently in people’s top picks.


Thanks. Spent a little time on the Biotest forums and it’s giving me a bit more confidence with my purchase. I’ll try to quit mis-typing the supplement names.