Plazma and Casein/Dairy Issues?

Bonjour Christian,

I heard you recommend Plazma and why. My concern is I know I only have one of the two genes for processing dairy. Milk is fine, very little issues unless I consume too much. But cheese is a no go. As you know, cheese is the casein protein. I’m assuming Plazma would be a no go for me. Would you recommend another product for the pre workout that fits the same requirements as Plazma?
Merci beaucoup!

As I understand, Plazma only contains pre-digested di and tri-peptides broken down from milk proteins, so it would retain the amino acid profile of milk proteins but they are not in the form of large milk polypeptides that require specific casienase enzymes. Except that the ratios of amino acids match the excellent ratios of milk proteins, the di and tri peptides could just as well have been lysed from meat, egg, or vegetable polypeptides.