Plazma After Food - How Long to Wait?

I normally train in the late afternoon or early evening, so anywhere from 3-5 hours after having had lunch. That seems like plenty of time for my food to have cleared my stomach prior to starting the Plazma. On the weekends though I’ll often train in the morning and only about 60-90 minutes after a breakfast of oats and a protein shake. I’m wondering if I’m wasting the Plazma on the weekends.

Definitely not wasted. If you’re having protein and oats 60-90 minutes before training, you can still put intra-workout Plazma to great use with a serving during the session. It’s fast-acting enough, and there’s enough of a timespan, that you’ll still benefit from the protein, carbs, etc.

Another thing you could play around with is skipping the oats 'n protein and just having the pre-workout serving of Plazma instead, especially if you’re not hungry-hungry before training and more having the breakfast out of habit of to have “something” in your system.

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Thanks Chris! I was hoping you’d respond. I will give dropping the oatmeal and protein a whirl to see how I do. I do think I’ve been doing that more out of habit than anything else. I do like some solid food in the morning, so I’m also considering replacing the oats and protein with a Finibar.

A Finibar would be a solid choice. No pun intended.

They’re designed to digest super-easily and be light in the stomach, so you could even shave down the time if you wanted to. Play it by ear based on how you feel, hunger-wise and performance-wise.

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I tried the Finibar instead of my normal breakfast and it worked great.