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Playstation 2 Game's


Hi Gamers

Im looking for a new playstation 2 game as the ones ive been hiring suck and just cant get into any of them.Could anyone reccomend any awsome games?

Some of my mates have reccomended the following to me:

Prince of persia(the two thrones)
Resident evil 4
final fantasy x
fifa 06
madden 06
nba live 06
tiger woods 06

Now i like a variety of games but here is my collection to give u a idea as to what i like.

The first tekken
rugby 05
grand theft auto (all 3 of them)
max payne 1 & 2
the bouncer
tiger woods 04 , 05

Thats about it.

Let me know some of your fav games.




EA Fight Night Round 2
Madden 2006
Grand Theft Auto: any of em are awesome
Guitar Hero, hell fun shit
Dragonball Z games are fun, but im a nerd what can i say
Def Jam Fight for NY

that should get ya kinda started. i really havent been keepin up with PS2 games lately to be honest, too damn busy


the getaway 1 &2 are nasty violent gangster stuff

bit like GTA in gameplay, but you are less free to roam.

just finished Gun too easy really

medal of honour frontline & call of duty are excellent war sims


i highly recommend:
1.resident evil 4, easily the best re since, ever.
2.socom 3, if you havent been playing this series your missing out + online play is insane. pick this up asap.
3.gta:san andres, im not a big fan of these games but everyone in the world is, so pick this one up to.
4.either you or someone else said EA fifa soccer, skip this and get a game called winning 11 8 (the newest one 9 comes out 2/9). this is the best soccer game ever, its so good it got an award for being the best sports game (beating madden).
5. medal gear solid 3. best mg ever pick it up.
6. god of war. this is another award winning game, it is bloody + great graphics + awsome story = game of the year 05.
7. the prince of persia series, yep the whole thing, whyd you want to jump into the end of a wicked good story. all three are superb.

yeah thats a shit load of games i mentioned, but the great thing about it is most of these games are pre xbox360 release, so there are plenty of used games floating around.


Get RE 4, its not as good as on the gamecube but hey its still fantastic. Do you get Pro Evolution Soccer in the states? If so get it. Even if you hate 'soccer' you will still love the game. Probably the best sports game ever imo.


I believe pro evolution soccer is the same game as the winning 11 series in the states, just a different title, and yes, its a great game.

I am only a casual gamer, and don't get REALLY into games that often, but I could not put the controller down when I got into God of War.

I am playing Resident Evil 4 right now and it is great.
I also like the GTA series, but thats no help if you already have them.


I only played the first one. What specifically makes this one stand out?


I only played the first one. What specifically makes this one stand out?

The first one on the old playstation is the only one I have played before as well. I don't know how to explain what makes a game fun, but the graphics, story, and gameplay are all fun on RE4.


If you're into driving games, gran tourismo 3 and 4 are unbeatable.

  • tekken 5
  • the metal gear series
  • the hulk was mindless fun
  • gun was pretty cool (if you like the western genre)
  • prince of persia series
  • the medal of honor series
  • old school tiger woods 2004 (i think i've played at least 300 rounds)
  • champions of norrath, and champions return to arms
  • manhunt was enjoyable


God of War kicked ass, not only for the game play, but the story also.

I also found RE4 to be the best Res Evil game. What makes it so much better is that it's not a typical 3rd person shooter. I found it to be like a combo of 1st and 3rd person. Your view point is over the character's shoulder. Add in the lazer sightings on the weapons and you have one bad ass gaming experience. Also, it's not just a point and shoot game. There are scenes where you have to duck, dodge and run by hitting a combo of buttons. This element carries over to the battles with the bosses.

Try it you'll like it. Oh yeah, you still have the type writer to save the game but no longer need the friggin ribbons.


Thanks for all the help boys.Will try them out.
The bad thing is school fuckin holidays down this way (australia) and all the little bastard kids hire all the games so all the ones i go to get are out :frowning: They go back to school early FEB so i might take some holidays and sit on my fat ass all day and play video games "lol"



Shadow Of The Colossus.



Beethoven and Picasso brilliant.

To sum it up... the game is really just 16 different boss battles, interspersed with riding on a horse between each battle (and they merely consist of just whatever time it takes to travel between two points, without any obstacles even worth mentioning standing in the way). Sounds entirely predictable and boring... but, in spite of it's minimalism, it's the most original and engaging game I've ever played. It feels like you're simultaneously watching and playing some crazy movie about an Incan version of the 12 labours of hercules.

I can't talk much about the game without ruining it. But you must play it.

Check out the reviews.


Socom and Socom II and pretty cool.


The game is set up differently. For instance, instead of the traditional camera view from the old RE games, you look over the character's shoulder. This is strange at first, but definately adds to the scariness. There is a weapon vendor in the game that allows you to buy and upgrade weapons. The graphics are simply amazing and the game is pretty damn scary (did I say that already). The story line also kicks ass and the bad guys are insane and will stop at nothing to kill you (guys with the chainsaws are the coolest!).

Play it, you will love it.


A quick note about Fight Night. If you are anything like me, you WILL break a controller playing this game. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to get knocked out in the final round. I have the shattered remnants of a controller lying in my dorm room to prove it.

With that said, it's a fucking awesome game to play with friends. Single-player is way too easy though.


I think the new version of fight night is coming out in a couple weeks - great fun for kicking it with your buds.

I dig Football games too, but anymore, I just can't get into anything outside of sportsgames......unless they come out with a new StarCraft sometime soon - that game was the shit.



yes...hell yeah!!! picking this mofo up on release day for the 360. Have you played the demo yet.. it is frakin crazy.


Does anyone have any cheat codes for GTA San Andreas that aren't well known? I have the basic "make cars fly" and "turn the city into sword wielding asian guys" codes. Maybe I am missing one that turns him into Micheal Jackson or makes all of the women's breasts super huge. Just wondering.