Playoffs Are Here!!!!

Lets hear everyones picks for this weekends Wild Card games. Ill go first.

Indy VS KC - I think im going with KC. I think Larry Johnson is going to run over the colts d. The spread is Indy giving 7.

Seattle VS Dallas - Romo is going to step it up for this post season game. I got to go with Dallas. Seattle is giving 3.

Pats VS N.Y. - Its payback time, we are going to wipe the field with the Jets. The Pats bring a totally different game plan to the playoffs. Sorry to Coach Mangina. Pats giving 8 1/2.

Philly VS N.Y. - Two losses for New York this weekend. Jeff Garcia is going to step it up and Philly will be this years Cinderella team. Philly is a tough home crowd and Eli is going to continue sucking. Philly is giving 7.