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Playmate economics: Boom or bust?

Go figure…


List that man under “Scientists who know how to get kick-ass research funded.”

I guess it makes a certain degree of sense. The thicker, softer, more volumptous body types probably seem more comforting to snuggle up against and seek shelter from the hassels of every day life while the the thinner, more frail, bony/sharply featured types practically demand a man to be robust and protective or the wilting flower will perish in the afternoon sun. When times are tough men probably desire shelter and comfort over the demands of being the protector.

And where, oh where, in all this is the T-Vixen?!

KARMA: Where are the T-Vixens? Most importantly, why are they not flocking here…yet?

Probably because:

  • the word is too new?
  • it is indeed a rare breed, a subset of women doomed to be crushed by the large masses and their numbers…?
  • stupidity and fatness are still allowed to breed too early in life ?
  • there is no active group to represent them…yet ?
  • the T-way of life has not yet attracted media attention ?
  • standards are too high for the average ?
  • the True-T philosophy is not yet a religion or cult ? (Heck, some 20 000 Canadians now have the Jedi religion on the census…why not T, eh?)

Another fine mystery…care to be one of the poster babes (a la We Want You…T-Vixen style)? ;0)

DAN C: I’m up for a poster or, better yet, a calendar of T-Vixens. This could be prominently displayed alongside the numerous horse, dog, cat and soft bikini model calendars in every Wal-Mart. Think of the audience it could reach! Granted, not many would buy it from a Wal-Mart and the blue whales would probably find a way to have it banned… but it’d be fun while it lasted! I’d imagine most sports nutrition/supplement stores would be up for a T-Vixen calendar though.

The calendar thing would be fun. Possibly another constest?

What the fuck is a constest? Someone let me know.

That is a calender I would definetly buy. T-vixens hanging on my wall . . . excellent.

Of course my girlfriend will demand a t-man calendar to hang beside it. . . could turn into a whole series.


Possibly as a charity thing?

Another option. Lets get Don Kings (or Vince MacMahon`s) brain cells on this one…only problem is that nobody except him will be richer in the end…but the results would surely be worth it. Ehehehe. Naaaaaaaaaa. ;0)

(Variation on Sturat`s suggestion)Possibly as a charity thOng? ;0)